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Roan Takk

Roan Takk
Jedi Master

Homeworld: Bastion

Mentor(s): Zim

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Alloo Set, Tyyrbakka, Jag Imit, Atrux-Nuro


Born and raised in the city of Sartinaynian City on the planet Bastion, Roan Takk grew up as a typical patriotic son of the Empire. His parents taught him the benefits of and necessity for hard work, education, and dedication. His mother was a schoolteacher in one of the secondary schools in Sartinaynian City, while his father worked as a customs officer for the Department of Citizenry. As such the family was not horribly affluent, but would be considered to be a part of the middle class.

Educated in the public school system, Roan was a fast learner, always working hard to do well in school. He graduated secondary school at the age of seventeen, and per the legal requirement, he then joined the military to fulfill his mandatory two year obligation. Despite being a valuable soldier and hard worker, he never rose in the ranks, due to his admittance that he did not plan on staying on after the two year period was up.

During these two years, his father had converted to Jediism, his mother soon following. Upon returning home from his tour of duty in the nearby city of Ravelin, Roan soon discovered his parents’ new-found belief in the Jedi faith, and after a small bit of skepticism, Roan came to believe in the Force as well. It was after this conversion that Roan felt his calling was to become a true Jedi, and so he sought initiation into the Jedi Order.

This quest would take him to Coruscant, where he would indeed be initiated despite his relatively “old” age of nineteen. A year later, he would be apprenticed to the Iktoch Jedi Knight Zim. The two went on many missions together, and Roan learned a great deal from his Master. After a short four years, Roan would be acknowledged a full-fledged Jedi Knight by the Jedi Council.

A mere three cycles had passed before Roan would take his on first Padawan, a Rodian female by the name of Alloo Set. The two got along quite well, with Roan’s firm demeanor accomplishing a great deal of work in regards to Alloo’s relatively laid-back and even lazy attitude.

By 257, Roan and his Padawan would both relocate to Ossus. Roan felt that the studious environment there would aide his Padawan’s development further by forcing her to adapt to a more mature and calm method of living. While on Ossus, Roan would discover a slight affinity for literature, and would often find himself reading for hours on end in the Temple archives. It was during this time that Roan felt he truly “grew up” and began to find his own niche among the Jedi.

The two progressed a great deal, each in their own right, and it was in the year 259 that Roan would see his first Padawan made a Jedi Knight. After this, Roan was asked to take a seat on the Voice Council of Ossus, a request which he gladly consented to. After a year of being without a Padawan, Roan decided it was time to take another.

Tyyrbakka was a rare Force-sensitive Wookiee, having been discovered by a Jedi from Yavin IV during one of his routine visits to Kashyyyk. The Wookiee had been sent to Osuss for further tests, and was admitted to the Order there relatively quickly. Roan had taken notice of the boy’s ability and potential, and decided that he would like to bring out that potential through regulated training. The two were paired in the year 260, and would do many great things and have several adventures together before Tyyrbakka would be Knighted a few short years later. Upon having his second Padawan Knighted, the Council of Ossus saw fit to recognize Roan as a Jedi Master.

Roan would continue to serve on Ossus, teaching any class he was asked to, and being a stern but compassionate presence over the next several years. He did not take on another Padawan, for reasons unknown, perhaps even to him. He did enjoy his life, however, and was sure that he had been sent down the right path all those years ago.

After nine years had passed, Roan heard rumors of a new Temple opening on a planet he was quite familiar with; Bastion was to become a new home for some Jedi. Thinking about this for a few weeks, Roan eventually decided to put in a transfer request. The request would indeed be granted, and Roan was sent to Bastion to help open the new Temple there.

Life in the Jedi Temple on Bastion wasn’t exactly what Roan had expected, being a bit more strict than the Temple on Ossus. However, Roan enjoyed the more regulated atmosphere, and felt as if he was meant to be on Bastion. He found himself at peace and truly enjoyed his new home. This eventually led to Roan taking on a third Padawan Learner, a human male from Bastion named Jag Imit. The boy was young but intelligent, and Roan has to exert little effort to train the boy to Knighthood, an event that would take place a mere three years later, much to Roan’s satisfaction.

However, the galaxy seemed to be growing darker then, and it wasn’t long before war broke out. Roan always kept up to date with the current politics of the galaxy, and was quite surprised to learn of the Chiss Ascendancy’s attacks in Commonwealth space. Upon hearing of the sacking of the Temple on Dantooine, the Council on Bastion decided to shut-down the Temple, if only temporarily. After this announcement, Roan travelled back to Coruscant for his relocation orders, and was informed that his new home would be the Jedi Temple of Yavin IV.