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Rita Sandria

Rita Sandria
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Corellia

Mentor(s): Aslyn Denethorn, Sebastin Creed

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Rui Vuusen


Rita grew up in the Ensterites sector on Corellia. She grew up with little presence of her mother who was always pursuing her political career and trying to hide Rita from the public eye because she was conceived illegitimately. Illegitimate children were frowned upon in Corellian culture and so Rita suffered as a victim of this prejudice. Her father was arrested and died in prison for man slaughter while her mother was pregnant. Rita often tolerated the abusive carers that looked after and home schooled her while she was isolated in her mother’s hidden second apartment. She suffered mentally from the neglect and abuse she developed becoming a very withdrawn and shy child, suffering mild social anxiety.

In her isolation, Rita discovered a love for all things technical, becoming fairly skilled at handling and repairing terminals at a young age. It was often a struggle to keep a data pad off of her. As well as being handy with technology, Rita also developed a keen will to explore the galaxy.

On the rare occasion Rita was allowed out in public, a Jedi recognised her fairly average force sensitivity. Offering to take Rita away, her mother couldn’t have been more thrilled to be rid of her. Rita then went to the Jedi Enclave of Alzoc where she eagerly awaits to be accepted into the order.