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Rislan Estai

Rislan Estai
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Bakura

Mentor(s): Lon Agdun*

Species: Etti-Chiss


Rislan Estai was born on 300.22 in Salis D’aar, capital of the planet Bakura. He was born to an Etti father, whose lineage drew from a wealthy black market dealer whose capriciousness led him to abandon his holdings and seek legitimacy in the mining businesses of Bakura during the time of the Old Republic. As for the mother, hers was a line characterized by uninterrupted military commissions in the service of the Chiss Ascendancy, which spanned hundreds of years itself.

By the Ascendancy’s conquest of Bakura during the Attrition Wars, it was decided that Lieutenant-Mark Viev’iel’aran would be betrothed to the wealthy and affluent Keroth Estai in order to further secure the supply of the planet’s raw materials. While the strikingly beautiful officer thought of an arranged marriage to what she saw as a sniveling, physically distasteful heir to old money as an obstacle to her military ambitions, she was nevertheless a soldier first and an individual second, willingly bound to the will of her superiors. Thus, the two were wed, bringing the Ascendancy’s control over the world to a head as it claimed every major source of production from the smoldering resistance.

By the war’s end, the Ascendancy had abandoned Bakura much as Viela had abandoned her dreams of high officership, electing to instead enjoy the fruits of her husband’s wealth through the duration of the bloody conflict, from which they profited greatly. The resulting peace coincided with the continuation of the Estai line, as twin daughters were brought into the world. As she was unsatisfied by the constitution of her daughters as they grew through childhood, however, Viela clamored for her husband to sire a son, which he proved to be more than happy to accomplish in between visits to his mistresses.

To his mother’s delight, Rislan was born and in his young age began to exhibit more of his mother’s tendencies, as he was often reported to have bullied and fought the other toddlers of his parents’ colleagues at an expensive institute for early education. These antics would come to a temporary end, however, as a routine population testing by a visiting Jedi found Rislan to be adequately sensitive to the Force. Though hesitant to the news at first, Viela became convinced that there was no higher calling for a warrior than to serve with the Jedi Order, and thus wished her son well and off to a new life. Her husband naturally paid no mind to the matter, as he was ever more concerned with his profits and adultery.

While he was unaware of it, Rislan’s early training on Ilum would have seen his mother’s warrior delusions to new heights. Not only did he dominate his fellow Initiates physically, but he also grew as proficient as a novice could in the basics of self defense. Though his talents were appreciated by his instructors, they were nevertheless rightly troubled by his domineering nature. As a solution, when Rislan was near the age of ten, an old Kel Dor Jedi Master by the name of Lon Agdun took it upon himself to apprentice the brash, mixed-blood boy, forsaking his own self-imposed retirement from training. It was under Master Agdun that Rislan began to recognize that he was inferior in many ways, none more glaring than his physical strength. While his Chiss genetics had afforded him a more rapid physical maturity, he was no match for the beatings bestowed by the wrinkled yet sinewy Agdon, who took great pride in every one of his “instructions”, as he called his physical discipline.

After the first year of training, the boy was effectively broken. No longer would he seek to intimidate his peers, but would instead avoid them at all costs. While Rislan had learned the error of his ways, he had likewise become socially defunct and unnaturally fearful of others. Keen to recognize the reversal of dispositions, however, Agdun put an end to his so-called instructions and began the actual apprenticeship, easing the malleable body and mind of Rislan Estai into a stronger form.

Though the apprenticeship was going according to plan, Agdun in his advanced age began to suffer from a mental disease that made him more aggressive and impulsive, leading his teaching of Rislan to revert back to severity. After several years of balanced training and experience that saw a gradual rise in his mind, body and spirit, Rislan was once again the victim of his Master. A poor showing in a spar would mean boxed ears; a lack of understanding in any subject would see his body submerged in snow. To the other Masters, this was simply Agdun’s way, but little did they know he was prey to his corrupting mind. As he lacked any strong connections with his fellow Padawans, Rislan never spoke of his training to others. He would appear content and basely social in what interactions he would have with his peers, thus putting to rest any reasons to doubt Agdun’s conduct. By the time his training was nearing its end, Rislan had become a stoic product, both hardened and quieted by what he faced in his apprenticeship.

Upon a morning that saw the wastes of Ilum above the Temple caught in a blizzard, Rislan received a message from his Master to meet him on the surface for what he described as his “final lesson”. With dutiful devotion, he met the old Kel Dor topside, only to find himself evading a lightsaber strike aimed at his head. Rolling through the frigid ice and snow, Rislan sensed an intention unlike any other in his Master, as the burly alien moved to continue his attack, forcing Rislan to fight. The exchange was devoid of words yet teeming with action as Rislan grew past the shock of the moment and began to press the advantage. With his life appearing to be on the line, the Padawan managed to engage a lock of sabers and crash his boot into the Master’s ankle, causing the latter to disengage and fall in broken defeat.

Chuckling as his head laid upon ice, Agdun stared up at his triumphant apprentice, whose face appeared devoid of any emotion in spite of the present circumstances. As Rislan turned back towards the Temple, Agdun’s madness snapped back to anger. He readied his saber for a launch, keen to strike his apprentice mid-stride. As he lifted his arm from the ice, the grasp on his hilt faltered, as a Master who had been returning from a routine safety patrol had intervened in time.

Two days later, Lon Agdun was placed into forced retirement to live the rest of his days under the care of medical professionals, upon realization that he had been suffering from his condition for some time. It was further decided that Rislan Estai be recognized in his ability to endure his hardships and be transferred as a completed student to the enclave on Alzoc III for a much needed change of venue.

After several cycles of sobering reflection at the enclave, which guided him to become more aware of the unfortunate realities of his training, Rislan Estai was conferred the title of Jedi Knight by the local Council.