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Rian Vun

Rian Vun
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Unknown

Species: Duros


Rian Vun was born on the twenty-second day of the two-hundred-and-eighty-fourth year. He was born aboard an Exploration Corps vessel to Hreddi and Nmo Vun. Early in their marriage, life partnership, Nmo and his wife joined the Corps. Hreddi was a scholar and archaelogist, whereas Nmo was a cartogropher helping chart new hyperspace routes and planetary maps as they traveled. On an expedition to Gand, Hreddi went into labor a few hours before reaching the planet. After many painful hours of labor, her child was born. Nmo named him “Rian”, which translated to Galactic Basic roughly equals “heart and love”.

And so Rian Vun came to be. He would come to grow up as a boy in the travels of the Corps. As a boy he enjoyed accompanying his parents and watching them work, but he was especially interested in his Father’s cartography. At four he was drawing crude and unreadable maps on his datapad, he was so thrilled at the proccess of documentation. Rian loved nature. When not tagging along with his parents he would shadow the Zoologists fromthe Intergalactic Zoological Society.

But as all good things must, these times came to an end. When he turned five his tutoring began and he was forced indoors most of the time for his schooling. As he applied himself to his studies, he often dreamed of being able to help gather knowledge like his parents. There came a time soon after his tenth birthday that he could join the so-called “Junior Explorers”, a youngling program created by the Exploration Corps to educate and provide the children of their workers that traveled with them extra curricular and fun activities while working on planets.

These activities weren’t too serious in nature, but to the younglings who opted to participate, they felt amazing and gave them a sense of responsibility. Once structures or areas were cleared by adult teams, students could enter and help excavate, retrieve and rescue artifacts. In some instances they were even given chances to help uncover new sites, after safety regulations allowed it of course.

Rian once found an entire skeleton on an expedition that was completely missed by one of the adults. It turned out to be a ranphyx-which was interesting because they were not native to Cadomai, which was where they were stationed at the time. Though it was simply a domesticated one that had been imported, Rian felt rather proud of his accomplishment.

After working in the “Junior Explorers” for a whole year now, and working side by side with other Jedi, the Jedi began to notice Rian’s sensitivity around artifacts, and could feel his potential even if he couldn’t. After watching him for a little while longer they approached him one evening, and offered him the opportunity to join the Jedi Order.

His parents were so proud! Rian figured if it made them so happy that it couldn’t be bad, so he accepted the offer and was taken to be proccessed. And now his journey begins….