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Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Kashyyyk

Mentor(s): Jao Ryn, Zechs Demming

Species: Wookiee

Padawan(s): Serbithar Muunen, Aranna Vaan, Minoda Darkrider


On a clear and sunny day, in the year 340.03 ABY, the female Wookiee Taynshyyy gave birth to her son Rhuacca. A brown pelted, strong wookiee who now inherited the traits of his father, Rhalshh. A little hut inside the tree, was the place where he grew up. In the midst of Bacca’s Acre, Thikkiiana City, which was a wroshyr tree city on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk. It was a major exporter of computer technology, and the New Republic used the computers for its Defense Fleet. Many species came by for trade, and exchanged goods, currencies and Information among eachother to expand their own influence. In time, Bacca’s Acre would grow into a lively district of the City, however at the cost of the traditional sights.

In his early years, Rhuacca proved to be a very stubborn and independant child, growing in arrogance and low-cunning as he was constantly disobeying the demands of his own parents. Whenever his father asked him to accompany him for a hunt or her mother asked him to help in the granary, Rhuacca usually refused to help. He went out on his own to discover the huge forests and archipelagos of Kashyyyk, which would be one of the reasons where he finds out about the hidden powers inhabited inside of him.

One day, Rhuacca and several kinsman of his set out to climb within the deep forests just outside of the City. Five strongly-build Wookiee’s, Young and foolish enough to try their luck at a climbing race. That race should be the final race the five would ever complete, as Rhuacca suddenly used one of his friends accidently as a “platform” to Augment his jump with no clear intent. As the leg almost “pierced” the stomach of his friend, the injured Wookiee fell about 150 meters high and slammed with his head against the ground, immediately killing him.
The return of the remaining four would be the “walk of shame”, especially for Rhuacca who had been blamed for the death of his friend. “Hankharra” was his Name, one of the elder warrior’s son, and a Close Family friend.

“Where is my son?! … Cayshaa! .. Zuhlaakh! … Rhuacca! … Jubbii! …”

“H-he … he fell …”

“Fell? From where?”

“From the tree.”

“Rhuacca killed him!”

“What?! I didn’t do anything, I wanted …. I wanted to use his shoulder to jump, we did that a Hund—”


“Rhuacca … you are my son, and my only living heir to our Family. You have brought dishonour to our tribe, and now, I banish you from this home. Leave …”

“D-dad? I-I ..”

“LEAVE ……”

And so, the Little Wookiee set out on his own to find his luck on Kashyyyk, begging from one platform alley to another. Until a very old Wookiee came by and gave Rhuacca a small leaf.

“This is the key.”

“*H-huh*? The key to what?”

He looked like a beggar, but something was very awkward about this man. With a stick, he helped himself to walk and talked in riddles, as Rhuacca followed him into his hut. And there, the “shaman” knew something the small wookiee wouldn’t.

He observed the little wookiee, day by day, night after night. He made him look at a Stone for almost an entire day. Stand ontop of a wooden bar, or hold a fork in his open Hand. Each time, the winds outside twirled within the small room of the hut, and that conclusion led from one place to the other. To the departure of Rhuacca from Kashyyyk, so that he may join the Jedi order and use his yet undiscovered powers.

“The colour of this leaf will be your weapon of the light. Be strong, and join the Jedi, young Rhuacca.”


340.03 ABY – Rhuacca is Born.
349.25 ABY – Rhuacca is banished from his tribe.
351.13 ABY – Rhuacca is initiated.
352.11 ABY – Rhuacca is apprenticed to Jao Ryn.
355.23 ABY – Rhuacca becomes a masterless Padawan per request.
372.17 ABY – Rhuacca is apprenticed to Zechs Demming.
381.24 ABY – Rhuacca is granted the rank of Jedi Knight.
382.24 ABY – Rhuacca takes Aranna Vaan under his wing.
383.19 ABY – Rhuacca takes Serbithar Muunen under his wing.