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Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Coruscant

Mentor(s): Caerith Lhot

Species: Mikkian


Rewen was born to a young couple on Mikkia. His mother was only 19 years old when she gave birth to their albino son, much to the disapproval of their family members. The two rebellious lovebirds didn’t care, even though the pregnancy was unplanned, they were more than happy to keep him. However, raising a child turned out to be much more costly than the inexperienced parents had expected.

Both parents worked low income jobs and the father’s addiction to smoking certainly didn’t help either with their financial struggles. Besides wasting a lot of money on his bad habit, he also put a lot of time, money and effort into his aspiring career as a Heavy Isotope musician. Less than a year into Rewen’s life, with money becoming more and more of a problem due to the increasing cost of raising a child, his father managed to convince his wife to take a chance and relocate to Coruscant. Promising her that there he’d be able to realize his dream of becoming a galaxy-known artist, not to mention the much needed money and fame that comes with such a profession.

Once they arrived on Coruscant, a friend of Rewen’s father managed to set him up with a job at a cantina in the lower levels. Although the pay wasn’t great, working at the cantina allowed him to perform a thirty minute set on stage every week after peak hours. It was the aspiring musician’s best shot to get noticed, but sadly for him his music wasn’t received very well at all, sometimes even causing people to leave the establishment. As they continued to live an unglamorous life in the undercity with only one of the parents holding down a job, financial issues still remaining as the fame and money didn’t come as quickly as Rewen’s father had promised, the relationship between his parents started to turn sour. With less money to buy cigarettes and less cigarettes to smoke, his father also became more and more agitated until their relationship hit a breaking point with Rewen’s mother not only blaming his father’s failing musical career but also their son for all of their issues. Fed up with everything, his parents broke up and his mother went back to Mikkia, leaving only Rewen and his dad left on Coruscant. The break up didn’t stop the Heavy Isotope musician from continuing to hone his craft, and no matter how bad others thought the music was, Rewen always enjoyed his father’s songs. Rewen was at every one of his dad’s performances, being a small child in such a dangerous place as the lower levels of Coruscant meant he never got to be far from his dad.

Until, during one of his dad’s weekly performances, a hooded man walked into the cantina. A Jedi, on a mission to find an elusive criminal that had been roaming around in the underworld. Although the Jedi did not find the criminal he was looking for there, or good music, what he did find was a young Mikkian Force-sensitive with potential to become a Jedi. After only a short talk with the young boy’s father, it seemed his father was more than happy to send him off with the Jedi. Perhaps his father figured it would give Rewen a better chance at life, or maybe he only saw Rewen as a financial burden. No matter the reasoning, before he knew it, Rewen was sent off with the Jedi, equipped with only a music player containing his dad’s songs to remember him by.