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Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Ryloth

Species: Twi’lek


Having honed several skills during her time on Ryloth and with her former mentor; Xar’aven, Renn has numerous skills that have attributed to her survival on Ryloth and elevation to the rank of Jedi Knight. From the typical expectations of the Jedi, Renn is well versed in sensory usage of the Force, able to pin point individuals through the Force, as well as being able to make use of minimal telepathy to communicate. Due to her lithe body build, she has more so focused on the usage of augmentation and telekinesis to assist her in feats where the natural limits of her body would fall short.

In regards to her use of the lightsaber, Renn has primarily trained in the fifth form of the classical lightsabers arts; having focused more so on the Shien component of the form as opposed to the more duel centric component of Djem So. Naturally having dealt primarily with blaster wielding foes, this was considered more logical to study, as well as Shien being able to compliment her agility and lithe body build. However, with the rise of the Sith Imperium came the necessity to adapt and as such, placed equal importance on both components of the lightsaber form. Aside from the fifth form, Renn has dabbled into the precursor forms of Shii-Cho and Soresu as her secondary forms to fall back on, if required.

Thirdly, she has dabbled into the means of being able to maintain swoop bikes, while by no means an artisan; she is skilled in field repairs due to the lack of resources available to her on Ryloth. Among this, she is also capable of providing basic medical care on the field; having often relied on more obscure means to mends oneself as opposed to using modern medicine, yet again, due to the lack of resources found on Ryloth. Renn is fluent in three languages; Ryl, the native language of the twi’lek, Galactic Standard Basic and Huttese.


Child of Clan Ziveri and born on the tidal-locked world of Ryloth, Renn’ziveri is a member of the twi’lek species native to the desperate world. Clan Ziveri resided in the subterranean city of Kala’uun, one of the two capitals on Ryloth, along the twilight terminator that separated the Bright and Nightlands from another, each remaining locked in their respective day and night periods. Clan Zaya was not a wealthy clan by any means; they were perhaps comfortable at times yet also faced times of difficulty in face of adversity within and outside the clan.

The desperate world of Ryloth left little to be had for children; dreams of well-being existed in the realm of being free from the usual stereotype of becoming a dancer or indebted to another to live a life well off. Sadly, these dreams rarely came to exist, the former realities were perhaps some of the safest to be had, and they came with a sense of safety. It wasn’t expected of Renn to amount to much beyond that, being a member of the twi’lek species was difficult, being a female of the kind was doubly so, just as it was for the male counterpart. Fortunately, her father had a well sort after line of work; he was a technician and engineer at the spaceport, the one way that anybody could truly leave the city, while her mother had the less glamour-less job of being a dancer at a local parlour joint known as the Twister.

It was here that she would spend most of her childhood prior to that one fateful meeting that would change her life. Renn would remain close to her father, naturally, the spaceport being the only way to ever leave or enter; it would not go unheard off for many twi’lek to find themselves aboard these shuttles, destined for either greatness or less desired ways of living. Wary of outsiders, she would remain by his side, watching with glee as ships would land and depart, forever left in wonder as to what existed beyond the subterranean city she called home. Her father often spun tales of the dangers of what lurked outside; slavers, monsters and creatures that would hunt the twi’lek, alas, her mother had a sunnier disposition of adventure, glory and freedom. Both often remained on her mind, usually taking the more positive line of thinking her mother had.

It could go without saying that she had an invested interest of starships and other machinations of travel; she didn’t care so much about the idea of piloting, no, it was the freedom they had to offer her people, to leave, to travel as one could to the heart’s desire. The reality of it all was somewhat dimmer, few twi’lek had access to these marvellous creations, it was often traders that would come, and her family by no means, had access to the funds required to buy a ship, let alone maintain. As such, it was simply wild imagination and dreams that fuelled her desire, while knowing, eventually, she would one day have to settle into the reality that her parents knew all too well.

Jedi were not exactly heard off on twi’lek, yes, there were stories told by the old few, perhaps passed on from older generations regarding the Order of Force Sensitives. Alas, being so far from the Core and independent from the Republic, they weren’t well known, nor did many visit the world. To Renn’s family, the Jedi were myth and legend, some stories told warned against them, others made them seem like galactic heroes, while others had more humbling stories, from their own personal experiences.

This would all change with the arrival of Xar’aven, the Jedi Watchman and the mysterious guardian of Ryloth. He was not well known among the people of Ryloth, he often remained distant from the various clans, only involving himself in their affairs only when absolutely necessary and when tensions would boil to the point of conflict. Alas, he was alone in this duty, for a time he had gone without a student and sought to increase his ability aid with the assistance of a Padawan. It was during his travels with-in Kala’uun that he stumbled upon the young Renn’ziveri.

While it was by no coincidence that this occurred; the veteran Jedi Master had saved the young girl from the hands of an unsuspecting trader that was seeking more than material items to trade. While unknown to the girl that this was occurring, he ushered her away from the starport in which he had landed in, and returned to her family. It was then that the Jedi Master conversed with Renn’s parents, on regards to whether or not he could test her for Jedi Training, it would require time away from Ryloth. Her father, somewhat disagreeable with the Jedi Master, decided it would perhaps be the best for the girl; her future wasn’t exactly safe from the less desirable lines of work that would be expected of her. So for a time, she left Ryloth for Ossus, along with another; Tran’tyrel, a twi’lek from another clan inhabiting the Kala’uun.

Renn’s time on Ossus was relatively short; naturally, she had to undergo the formal tests of being considered for Jedi training, she succeeded ultimately and was initiated into the Order with her fellow twi’lek; Tran (Tran’tyrel).The relation between Renn and Tran would strengthen over their time together as initiates, covering the fundamentals of the Jedi Order’s teachings; the Jedi Code (in theory), the Force, the Three Pillars and basic Shii-Cho. It would not be long before Xar’aven would return to Ossus to watch over the two, and with little to no time at all, took the two as his Apprentices, shortly returning back to Ryloth with the two in tow.

It was from that point that Renn and Tran rarely returned to Ossus; only for short excursions and the now and again in person reports Xar’aven would feed back to the Jedi Council. On most cases, the wondrous developments of technology, and the ability to converse with others from many sectors away meant that the majority of the time, it was unnecessary for the trio to return to the Temple. Both Renn and Tran would not return to their home city of Kala’uun but rather, find themselves settled in their Masters’ hidden cavern in the Brightlands; the scorched half of the world that was forever basking in the sun, the land barren and ripe with creatures that would hunt the twi’lek’s. The cavern was small, yet it contained the bare necessities required for survival and commodities such as beds, terminals and access to communication system that would allow for contact with the surrounding cities and systems far away.

The two would not immediately be involved in planetary affairs until sometime into their training, at first it was basic meditations instructed to them by their mentor; lightsaber drills several times a day and contemplations on the nature of the Force, and the Jedi Way itself. This was often split up between journeys beyond the cavern into the wilderness of Ryloth, experiencing both the heat soaked Brightlands, and the noticeably colder Nightlands, far from the reach of the systems’ star. In these locations Renn and her Padawan brother would learn Tapas from their mentor, learning to become situated and protected in harsh extremes, which both sides of the world definitely offered to the fullest of extents. Due to being detached from much of the Order, supplies were not readily available, the swoops they had at their disposal many years old, self-maintained by Xar’aven, and in turn, Renn would learn to assist in the endeavour, among scouring the land for resources to improve and sustain their home.

Not long after the start to the war with the Imperium, reports on Ryloth suggested a new criminal element; their mentor was not surprised by this news. War could at times, lead way to more devious deeds committed by others, especially when all eyes were on the growing war front. It was by this time that Renn had become comfortable in her abilities, alongside Tran. Prior to this, they had assisted in small investigations that would better the lives of those living on the world, if only, in the small ways they could offer the people of Ryloth.

There were two pinnacle moments in Renn’s training that prepared her for Knighthood; the first of which involved her putting her survival skills to the test. For several days she was left to wander the open expanse of the Brightlands, battling the heat with tapas, scavenging for fauna that would present her with sustenance and sources of water deep beneath the cracked surface of the Brightlands. It was a difficult task she had to endure; the ability to survive alone was necessary for a Jedi, or so her Master believed. There was more to it than just that however; it was a test of confidence and spirit, to do away with doubt, to acknowledge her capabilities. During this task, she struggled, water was scarce and difficult to locate, and she relied on instinct and the Force to guide her. It came to a point where reality began to fade, the heat began to sink in and her mind became delirious. As the hallucinations increased and increased, she pushed forward, ultimately coming to face a version of herself she did not know or rather, qualities she had not probably acknowledged prior.

This version was filled with doubt; she didn’t understand the teachings of the Jedi, nor could she understand how Renn could not involve herself more in the events that transpire on Ryloth. While it remained a duel of wits and conversation for a time, her counterpart grew frustrated as Renn spoke truly about her Jedi training, it would end in a short yet bittersweet duel of force and might. Only just surviving the encounter, Renn awoke at a small oasis dug into the rugged environment. Her Master and Padawan Brother were both present; the latter having an undergone a similar test of will and survival prior to her own. Xar’aven congratulated her on her survival and her ability to pass the test, announcing the Force can test individuals in many ways, and often guide them to safety if required. Upon this, she returned to the cavern she called home, and meditated on the outcome of the test she was given.

Renn was involved in a major investigation into criminal activities on Ryloth; several smaller settlements had found themselves under threat from raiders. Some considered these to be lone twi’lek’s praying on the less defendable settlements or simply slavers taking the inhabitants captive or worse; to be sold for slavery. It was often the case that they were left barren, resource materials stripped and the inhabitants nowhere to be seen. Xar’aven had come under the conclusion that it was the work of the Imperium; it seemed suspicious to him at the time, that with much of galaxy’s attention focused on the warfront in the North, many would not begin to look south at an independent world such as Ryloth.

With both her mentor and her Padawan Brother, they would scour the locations that were targeted, none of the settlements were of particular note, it was only concerns raised by the more influential clans that happened to take notice with the sudden end of trade and payment. With little to no evidence left behind, aside from the scorch marks of both a lightsaber and blasters, Xar’aven’s suspicions only continued to increase. The only clues to be found were recordings left behind by the inhabitants, hidden among items that were unlikely to be taken. The clues left pointed the trio into two different directions; the Nikto Sector on Nar Shaddaa and an ancient Temple of unknown whereabouts on Ryloth.

Renn and Tran were sent to investigate the lead on Nar Shaddaa, their mentor fully trusting of their ability to act in accordance to the Jedi Way, while he would search for the abandoned Temple on Ryloth. This would be Renn and Tran’s first time away, alone on a foreign world, while having experienced those of Ossus and Coruscant in the past, they were never truly dropped into the proverbial deep end. Their investigation took them into the Nikto sector, having gone undercover to avoid suspicion, Renn adopted a role she had hoped to have escaped by becoming a student of the Jedi; the role of the dancer. Glamorous in her attire, she had charmed her way into the stronghold of the Nikto sect, with Tran as her apparent handler and guard. They inched closer to their goal of uncovering the truth behind the attacks.

Ultimately, they came toe to toe with one of the perpetrators, a twi’lek whom had an affinity with the Dark Side, set on acquiring the mercenary Nikto to join their cause. It was not long before their cover was blown, an ensuing duel with the dark twi’lek followed. In the end, they had only learned of the being to have been but one acolyte and apprentice of the individual heading the raids. The apprentice had unfortunately escaped, both Renn and Tran did not leave unscathed, however, in turn, they had thwarted the attempts of the raiders gaining new allies in the Nikto.

Upon their return back to Ryloth, they reported their findings to Xar’aven, whom in turn had located the whereabouts of the ancient temple that group were residing in. Having token note of their large numbers, as well being aware the task of routing them would prove too troublesome for three Jedi, he sought the aid of the local clans. Renn opened dialogue with her own clan and those friendly with them, as did Tran with his own. A small coalition force between the clans was formed, and with-in a cycle, they marched upon the raiders to rid them from Ryloth. A small skirmish took place among the ruins of the ancient temple, losses were expected, and many of the opposition fell against the combined forces of the various clans, as they too lost men and women in turn. Renn, along with her mentor and Tran, faced the leader of the operation, a twi’lek male whom had gathered quite a few twi’lek force sensitives to join his cause. He was ultimately slain in battle between the combined might of the three Jedi, several of his acolytes had faced a similar fate, whiles others opted for surrender.

One figure remained absent; the apprentice that was found on Nar Shaddaa, he was unaccounted for. Several conclusions had been made by the trio, yet nothing concrete came about to reassure them he would no longer be a threat to Ryloth or the neighboring systems. In a similar conclusion, they were unable to determine whether or not the force on Ryloth was of affiliation with the Imperium itself, for there were no signs or equipment indicating towards the suspicions made. By time the end of the investigation, many settled on the idea it was a rogue element acting alone in its spread of terror on Ryloth.

Renn and Tran returned to Ossus shortly afterwards, with the backing of their mentor, the two were knighted for their efforts and the various tests they had faced on Ryloth. Xar’aven retired from his position as Watchman of Ryloth, having sustained injuries during the conflict that proved difficult to recover from, opting to remain as a guide to those on Ryloth. Tran proceeded to fulfill the role of Watchman over Ryloth, having experience with the locals and the world itself.

Renn on the other hand, desired more; she opted to travel to Rannon to work with the Jedi there, to continue her studies as a Jedi Knight while offering them her skillset, whether to teach or to assist in the assignments she would be required to fulfill. Feeling Ryloth was safe from the threat it had faced, she left after bidding her mentor and former Padawan brother farewell, doubly sure she would one day see them again.

324.17 ABY – Renn’ziveri is born.
330.06 ABY – Renn’ziveri is initiated into the Jedi Order on Ossus.
332.15 ABY – Renn’ziveri is taken as Xar’aven’s Padawan Learner, and returns to Ryloth.
345.20 ABY – Renn’ziveri is Knighted on Ossus.
346.XX – Renn’ziveri transfer to the Jedi Praxeum on Rannon.