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Reina Arlos

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Alpheridies

Mentor(s): Amalia Feyn

Species: Miraluka


Reina grew up with a simple and rather normal childhood. Her parents worked in agricultural trade, so she spent most of her time with the other children in her neighbourhood playing games or  learning at school. She was a friendly child that tried her best to get along with everyone that she could, making it easy for her to form friendships.
Her parents were loving, and they tried to provide the best quality of life for their daughter that they could, giving Reina a supportive home life. When the local watchmen arrived to their town to see if there were any potential candidates for training in the Order, Reina’s parents put her forward to be tested. As a Miraluka, she was naturally in touch with the Force and as such she has since made her way to the Rannon Praxeum so that her eligibility for Jedi training can be properly assessed.