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Rei Xaria

Rei Xaria
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Esseles

Mentor(s): Coren Ran

Species: Nagai


Rei was born aboard a starship to a family of average social status. Both of his parents worked as engineers which lead to Rei’s own enrollment in a school for robotics at the capital city of Esseles.

Rei was never a huge achiever in school. This was neither due to his own intelligence nor lack of ability, he simply showed the wrong attitude towards his education. However, Rei’s peculiar looks and his attitude did not prevent him from making friends. He always somehow managed to portray himself as something of a class clown.

Rei came into the hands of the Jedi after being discovered as a Force Sensitive by a Jedi Watchman from the Coruscant branch. From there, a negotiation was made between him and Rei’s parents, who agreed to part with their child for a life with the Jedi. Rei was later dispatched to Alzoc III, where he began his waiting period as a Jedi Hopeful.