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Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Ryloth

Mentor(s): Arwen Thule*

Species: Twi'lek

Padawan(s): Trin Oniron


She stood there, silently, watching in horror as she saw those dear to her cut down before her eyes. In the heat of battle she drew her hilt, igniting it with a brilliant blue haze and charging forth into the fray. The Sith had returned to the known galaxy and launched a massive assault on the Jedi. Already, the Jedi’s numbers were thinned in the battles preceding or by the malicious plague their scientists had unleashed upon the unsuspecting core-worlds. It was a dark time for the order. Although she had been with the Jedi for the better part of her life, she was still a mere Padawan and battle on such a scale was not something she was familiar with. Her early time with the Jedi had been spent learning their tenets and doctrines, with little emphasis on combat training as it is often frowned upon. “The Jedi are peacekeepers, not soldiers”, her teacher often touted at the young Twi’lek.

She had never expected that she would have to use her blade so soon, having only recently completed the lightsaber construction ritual on the secret Jedi world of Ilum. Her mentor, an aged Jedi Knight by the name of Arwen Thule had taken her there as a part of her training to become a full-fledged Jedi Knight herself. There she would face her past and get a glimpse of her future- a glimpse that planted deep fear and concern in her heart. Nonetheless, she would walk away with a blue crystal shard, which she would tend to for many more months to come. Such is the way of the Jedi to become one with their weapon, so that they may achieve the required level of control not only to wield it effectively, but also safely. This bond was supplemented by hours of practice under the watchful eye of her mentor within the large training halls of Ossus. From the velocities of Shii Cho taught to her at an early stage to the more complex and convoluted techniques in Ataru all the way to the raw energies of Shien and Djem So, she faithfully worked her way towards greater understanding of lightsaber combat.

The techniques her master had imprinted in her mind were soon brought to bear as she drew her blade, slashing against an opponent’s blaster, cleaving it in half. The imperium trooper dazed for the moment was later greeted by a boot to the face, knocking him to the ground. She pressed onwards, dodging volleys of blaster fire, ducking under a collapsed pillar for cover as she closed in on an imperium turret blocking the way up the stairs and out of the valley. Joined by a rag tag band of Jedi Padawans, like herself and a few republic troopers, part of the temple security detail, the endeavored to rush the turret, relying on the Jedi to serve as a distraction. A short lived, foolish attempt as they soon realized- many of the Jedi getting cut down. As chance would have it, however, a gunship flying overhead was hit by a rocket launcher from one of the Imperium soldiers, sending the hurdling hunk of twisted metal and flames towards the turret, destroying the platform and sending the remaining Jedi off their feet. Rehkea falls back, her sight fading to darkness for a time.

Waking up to the sound of distant explosions, she staggered to her feet, rubbing the back of her head in a vain attempt to rid herself of the throbbing headache that soon came over her. A fellow Jedi brushes just past her shoulder, rushing forward. Her eyes trail her allies going forth before she makes her way onwards as well. Her mind turns back to her prior training alongside her mentor. He had opted to use the quarterstaff to better teach her proper technique. With every missed parry and deflection, with every improperly executed strike, she was met with a swift strike on her foot, or her arm and at times even her head. One sparring session, she had attempted an overly aggressive technique, something her mentor often frowned upon. After expertly deflecting her assault, he struck her soundly on her head, leaving her dazed. She stumbled to the training mat as her mentor stood tall and encouraged her to come at him again. She could not bring herself back up to her feet, unfortunately, and he walked away, leaving her on the mat, lying there in shame.
She went up the stairs and out of the valley, following a group of Jedi as they pressed onwards. They cut through a mass of crashed gunships and destroyed speeders- the once calm, beautiful world of Ossus had turned into a battle field. The trees turned ashen and dark with blaster fire, the once placid chirp of the avian species that inhabited them was replaced with the distant thump of anti-aircraft cannons as they endeavored to bring down the Imperium fighters flying overhead, laying waste to the once lush and beautiful landscape. Rehkea and her compatriots proceeded up along the ledge, the sounds of lightsaber clashes and blaster fire growing stronger as they advanced. Upon arriving at another valley, the group found themselves in an opportune position to help a group of Jedi that had been cut off by the Imperium forces and they took it- making their way down again and launching a vicious assault against the enemy’s rear.

Rehkea about to join in, held back, having felt an all too familiar sense of dread sneak up on her. She looked up to find her mentor, the Jedi she had grown to idolize, engaged in battle with what appeared to be a Sith warrior clad in full body armor. The old Knight’s age weighed him down as he fought the younger more aggressive Sith. And although getting a few clean strikes in, born out of his many years of experience, he knew, as did his Padawan, that the chronometer on his life was ticking- he could not hold off such an onslaught for long. The young Padawan then rushed in to her master’s defense, attempting to take the Sith unawares, but only succeeding in bringing out amusement on his part. The Sith let out a callous laugh as he proceeded to battle the two Jedi rather expertly. In the heat of the fray, Rehkea’s mentor was knocked to the side and the young Twi’lek was left facing off a far superior opponent on her own.

Quickly, the Padawan took to the defensive, attempting to deflect his blows as best she could, while using her superior flexibility to dodge the strikes that her blade could not deflect. The Sith pressed onwards, clearly taking the reins of the fight, pushing the young Padawan into a corner and before he could strike at her and finish the job, he was taken by surprise with her mentor’s sudden appearance from behind. He turned his attention away from the Padawan and again to face the Jedi Knight. The pair fought whilst Rehkea recovered her strength in the background, staggering as she rose back up to her feet. Although her Master continued to fight valiantly, he was no match for the Sith warrior who, before her very eyes, struck him down with a slash the torso, killing him instantly. The Padawan’s eyes filled with tears as she saw her idol cut down and tossed aside callously.

Turning his attention towards the young Padawan, the Sith advanced, evidently savoring the fear and pain the Twi’lek had begun to feel. Rehkea grabbed hold of her hilt tightly, igniting the blade and preparing herself for one last battle. But much to the Sith’s dismay, a group of Jedi Temple Guards soon arrived, with their yellowish hued dual blades, rushing the Sith. He was no match for that many experienced combatants at once and thus fled the scene. A few of the Guards gave chase, while the proceeded to secure the area. Rehkea knelt beside her Master’s body and wept silently as she held his head in her arms. It was a scene that recurred all too many times, that day.

It was in the aftermath of this battle that had culminated with victory for the Jedi that Rehkea was reassigned to Dantooine. The Council at Ossus knowing all too well the psychological trauma that she had endured with the tragic death of her mentor at the hands of the Sith, felt it would be best for her to change the venue so that she may move on with her life as a Jedi. Rehkea complied, finding a new purpose in aiding the reconstruction of the branch in the aftermath of the Imperium’s onslaught a few years ago, whilst simultaneously taking some time to herself, to better understand her feelings on her mentor’s passing. Rehkea would spend a few more years at Dantooine in reflection and public service before being Knighted by the local Council there. Shortly thereafter, having learned of the fledgling branch on Rannon, she decided to request reassignment there.