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Raulos Aquilo

Raulos Aquilo
Jedi Master

Homeworld: Tatooine

Mentor(s): Erue

Species: Chistori

Padawan(s): Echu, Torrak Ulsi'vey, Rash Loist


Being a Chistori has allowed Raulos not only to enjoy great physical strength but great inner strength as well. He is patient, yet acts with great purpose. His only weakness can be found in diplomacy in which is stern demeanor often lends others to feel somewhat uneasy. However, Raulos does not stop learning and bettering himself, for this is probably his greatest ability of all.


Raulos, a Chistori, hardly remembers the first few years of his life. He isn’t sure what happened to him, but by the time he was old enough to notice this gap in his memory, he was already a slave on Tatooine. It was on this planet that he was forced to do manual labor on account of his massive physical stature of a chistori. His cold-blooded figure easily lived among the planet because he could not live in cold places. Standing almost six feet tall as an adolescent, he was easily larger than a wookie of his own age, but he had never seen another Chistori in the galaxy, as they were very rare.
His master cared little for him, and used him as a form of manual labor. He was sent on many long trips, and was expected to die, there was little acceptance for a Chistori in the rest of the galaxy, but to the surprise of his so-called “master” he was able to survive in the arid sands. Near the age of adolescence, he was attacked by Tusken Raiders while he was on his way to make purchases. The Chistori whipped the beast onto the ground, and broke it’s neck with his pointed fingers. He rose from the body, brandishing the gaffi stick from the corpse, and glared with such intensity that a fire seemed to burn in his dark eyes. One by one, tusken raider attacked him, battering and wounding him greatly, but in the end they were all beaten to death by the bloody figure as his wounds seared in pain from the desert sky.
Over the years, he built a rather traumatic set of events to himself, it was only the beginning of many violent encounters he would have, but as time passed he grew and filled out, beginning to storm over the heads of those around him. He became well adapted in combat, but never bothered to use a blaster. When he reached the ripe age of nearly sixteen in human years, he squeezed the throat of his “master” until his eyeballs literally popped out of his head. His chin tipped low, as he repressed another chunk of his lifetime.
In order to continue Raulos’s story it is necessary to explain the backgrounds of his soon to be friends for life; Alduar and Volyn.
Alduar is the son of Sharta Ouli, son of Trakub Ouli, a famous member of the Mon Calamari Knights. (it is common in Mon Calamari culture to take on a last name if you are in a family of distinction.) Alduar’s father is the resident blacksmith for the Mon Calamari Knights, and Alduar is following in his footsteps. Alduar accompanies his father on many trips and has grown to learn the smithing and tailoring trades. Alduar and his father are on their way to the remote planet of Rishi to study the Helm of Idi’otch, a powerful piece of armor, recently re-discovered on Rishi, that was believed to repel all forms of energy. Sharta hoped to use techniques learned by studying the helm to gain the upper hand in the war against the Quarren back on Mon Calamari.
Volyn, a Quermian, was orphaned on the planet of Corellia. He was adopted and raised on the planet where he quickly learned much of starships of all different sorts of classes. It was through his tremendous intellectual capabilities that he was able to become a mechanic for a crew of a transport at a young age. Volyn, as many Quermian, has the innate ability to use his extreme mental power to be almost psionic by nature. It is through these powers (and perhaps the force) that he is able to create delusions of himself through the power of his two brains.
On a flight scheduled to take Alduar’s family to the heart of the republic so that his father could talk to the senator, Volyn worked as a crewman on the ship. It departed from its original point but did not make it very far, as it was mysteriously attacked in space. The ship was forced to crash land on the planet of Tatooine, nearby a moisture farm on the outskirts of civilization upon the planet. Luckily, the blazing ship could be seen at that late time in the day. Night was rapidly approaching, and when the sunlight fell off of the planet it grew immensely cold. Outside of the wreckage stood Raulos, staring upon the massive heap in awe. He drew large chunks of metal and debris out of his way, searching for survivors. The only two he was able to find were the two he would come to be great friends with. Alduar lay trapped in a cocoon of twisted metal, and Volyn was half-pressed under some wreckage. After he managed to pull the two from the ship, he had to get them away from it before night fell.
The next day that they arrived, an investigation had already been started by the republic. They assumed that nobody had survived the crash before the three adolescents approached them at the site. There were several questions, harsh questions for them by the commander that was there, but a man shook his head at the commander, and approached the three, speaking in a more understanding voice. It was apparent to all of them that they held some connection, though to the three, it was greater than they would realize at that time. The republic ship took the three back to Coruscant, at which point they were seperated.
Alduar was taken to the senate, at which point he was introduced to the Mon Calmari senator, where they further investigated the accident with the frigate carrying the family to Coruscant. Volyn was taken to a medical attention center where they worked to repair what damage had been done to his body in the crash. Raulos was held at the command center where they had landed, as they were going to question him more when the other two were finished.
Alduar was accompanied by the bearded man to the senator, and after their brief meeting the man took Alduar to the temple. Alduar no longer had a mother or father with which to live, so he imagined he would be living on Corusant, but little did he know they had conducted tests to determine his connection to the force, and in the temple he would stay. Volyn was the second to enter the ranks, after he exited the medical chamber the same man had came to ask him about the happenings, it didn’t take the man long to realize that he too had the same connection that Alduar had shown. In turn, the Quermian was taken to the temple and recieved the same tests.
The two were there for about a month, where they created a bond of friendship. It wasn’t until about this time that the man tracked down the last of the survivors of the crash, Raulos, and found him in some facility where he was being held pending release. The man sensed much power in the Chistori, and recognized his need for training to avoid turning to the dark side. Out of the three survivors, each seemed force sensitive, but the Chistori gave off a warning presence. He, too, was taken to the temple where they allowed him to stay.
For maybe a half year the three developed bonds of friendship. They became brothers in a sense, where they did everything together in that time span. It wasn’t until they were young adults that they were admitted into the order as padawans.

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