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Ralsheend Jhurask

Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Dantooine

Mentor(s): *Damarian Barishtul, *Sha're D'Marius

Species: Epicanthix

Padawan(s): *Ahmeer Jhurask


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Ralsheend was born on 197.07 to father Samir and mother Hadiya Jhurask.  During rudimentary blood screenings, the newborn was found to have an above-average Midichlorian count and recommended for Jedi training.  After a long discussion, his parents decided they would raise him for the time being and let him decide what he wanted to do when they felt the time was appropriate.  At the age of 4, the boy started showing an aptitude for foresight, seeming to know events before they took place.  It was at this point his parents decided they would take him to the Jedi for training.

Ralsheend was taken in by the Dantooine Jedi Enclave on his 5’th birthday.  It was a hard adjustment for him to make, as being an only child, he was used to the quiet day-to-day life of home, not the busy schedule of those living in an Academy.  At first the boy was socially distant from the other members of the Enclave, but strived to excel at his classes.  With time, he eventually found the joys of friendship, and soon became inseparable from another young student by the name of Jeannine Faroush.

Sadly, after Ralsheend’s 9’th birthday, Jeannine was informed that she would never advance past the rank of Hopeful.  She left the Academy and was taken back in by her parents who owned a local speeder repair business, leaving Ralsheend to continue his training without her.  The two of them still communicated almost daily, and he would occasionally leave for a day or two to go spend time with her and her family, sometimes without permission.

Despite the negative note some of his past actions may have caused, on 206.21, Ralsheend was granted the rank of Padawan and his training taken on by a human Knight named Damarian Barishtul.  Knight Barishtul knew of Ralsheend’s connection to Jeannine and the trouble he’d been in over it, as did most of the others in the Academy by this time.  Barishtul believed he could use this connection to help mold Ralsheend into a respectable Padawan, and set out to prove it to his peers.

Over the years, Ralsheend slowly opened up and became a respectable figure amongst his peers.  He still kept in touch with his friend Jeannine, regularly leaving for a day to visit her and her family, with his Master’s permission.  At the age of 22, Knight Barishtul requested the Knight Trials for his Padawan, but the Council denied his request, citing Ralsheend’s age and personal attachments as a cause for concern.

Undeterred, Knight Barishtul continued requesting the Knighthood Trials for his Padawan, and was denied each time.  Finally, the Council either decided Ralsheend was ready, or they grew weary of Barishtul’s requests.  No matter the reason, on 224.29, Ralsheend was granted the title of Jedi Knight.

Within a year of his Knighting, Ralsheend took his friend Jeannine as his wife, and on 226.23 she gave birth to a son, whom they named Ahmeer in honor of a relative of hers.  Blood tests soon confirmed that Ahmeer was a Force Sensitive as well, and two years later was also living at the Dantooine Academy.

Life was good, quiet, and peaceful for Ralsheend until a speeder accident on 233.15, when Jeannine became one with the Force.  The loss of his wife caused Ralsheend to become fairly introverted for a time, as he’d really never dealt with a loss quite so personal up until that time.  His attitude and general demeanor eventually led to him taking a leave of absence from the Order for a cycle, to get himself squared away.  When he returned, he took his son as his Padawan, vowing to do his wife proud and turn the boy into a shining example of the perfect Jedi.

Life slowly turned back to normal for Ralsheend and his son, as it tends to do.  Ralsheend still blamed himself for her death, but managed to deal with his feelings on his own.  On 235.04, Ralsheend’s former Master passed away due to natural causes.  Ralsheend took his leave from the Temple and spent his time meditating and communing with the Force at a secluded training area his Master had been fond of  before returning nearly a cycle later.  Once again, the daily routines of life in a Jedi Temple returned, and all was well for a time.

On 238.19, Ahmeer was killed during a Lightsaber Arts class while sparring against two of his peers.  Unbeknownst to Ralsheend, his son, or the teacher, one of the Padawans Ahmeer was sparring against wasn’t using a training saber, she was using a full powered lightsaber her Master had entrusted her with earlier that day.  Running late for the class, she had grabbed the wrong saber and didn’t realize it until after Ahmeer had been fatally struck.  Losing his son sent Ralsheend spiraling into depression, and the following day he resigned from the Order and left Dantooine.

Ral spent the next few years just riding the spacelanes, constantly moving from planet to planet, never settling down anywhere for longer than a cycle.  After growing weary of all the injustices he witnessed during his travels, Ralsheend eventually made his way to the Core and enlisted with the Galactic Alliance Military.  He kept his Jedi history concealed as best he could, but was eventually discovered after a mission where a Jedi Master had worked in conjunction with his platoon in removing a crime lord from power.  Ralsheend was transferred over to the GA Intelligence Agency shortly after, where his past training was used to the advantage of his superiors.  Most everything from this point of his life is highly classified and not well documented.

During the year 269, Ralsheend finally retired from active duty.  His official reason was that he just wanted to retire and settle down, but the truth was that the Force had started calling to him.  He was inexplicably drawn to Mon Calamari, where he moonlighted part-time as an investigator for the local police forces.  While staying on Mon Cal, Ralsheend started visiting the new Jedi Enclave there and realized he missed his former life as a Jedi.  He had decided he was going to inquire to the local Jedi Council about returning once again, but was re-activated by the GA military before he could do so and sent off on a classified mission.  Once again, Ralsheend was used as an informant and spy for the GA, traveling all across the galaxy on missions that the GA deemed high profile and in need of his unique skills.

On 278.02, Ralsheend was assignment to the planet Bastion by the GA for an undisclosed purpose.  During the three years he was stationed there, he once again was drawn to the local Jedi Academy, and on 279.11 requested that he be re-instated with the Jedi Order.  With the permission of the GA and the local Jedi Council, Ralsheend was granted the title of Jedi Adept.  It was during this time that a Master Sha’re D’Marius took note of him and offered her help in his training, an offer which was readily accepted.  Ralsheend studied with the Mirialan Master for two years,  fighting alongside her and the GA militia defending the locals from the invading forces when the need arose, studying and sitting in on lectures when there was peace to be had.

When the planet finally fell to Chiss forces on 281.09, Ralsheend was one of a small number of survivors from his platoon to make their escape into the local populace, and managed to secure a small transport shuttle for himself and a handful of civilian refugees.  As far as the GA military is concerned, Ralsheend was listed as KIA, having supposedly fallen in battle during an orbital bombardment.

Ralsheend stayed with Jeannine’s parents until he felt he could safely make his way back the Galactic Core to regroup with his allies. By 282.17, Ralsheend Jhurask was rerouted to the Alzoc-III Enclave via Coruscant, where he rejoined his brothers and sisters as a Jedi Knight.

[Note: * denotes an NPC/Background character.]