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Ragnar Ivesh


Homeworld: Dathomir

Species: Zabrak


Born into a family of labour slaves, Ragnar’s start to life was difficult to put it lightly. His family had next to nothing other than each other. As slaves, they were subjected to extraordinary hours of labour for zero pay and minimal food. They were perfect for this, due to their physiology as Iridonians.

His parents were natives to Dathomir and had a normal life there until their village was raided by slavers. They were captured and sold to a Hutt-Cartel affiliated crime lord. Ragnar’s mother, Frode, was pregnant and while in captivity gave birth to Ragnar. He was put to work and a shock collar placed around his neck as soon as he could walk. They were soon shipped off-world from Dathomir after Ragnar was born. Ragnar did not know any other life.

However, that would change shortly after Ragnar turned nine. While his family was loading spice onto a shuttle on the Republic world of Tirahnn, a G.R.I.D sting operation led by a Jedi Knight named Xin Okata, would change his life forever. Following the Hutt criminals on the scene being killed or arrested during the bust, Ragnar, his parents, and the rest of the slaves were set free. Ragnar learned in that moment what it was like to be without a collar. The Jedi Knight could sense that Ragnar was Force-sensitive, and with his parent’s permission, who were more than honored to give the boy up after being rescued, Ragnar was taken to the Ossus Temple to be reviewed for training as a Jedi Hopeful.

While there, the Jedi Healers worked diligently to make him healthy, as he was malnourished from the years as a slave. After the boy was deemed well, he stood before the Jedi Council, was assessed, and initiated. Still not used to the comforts of a Jedi Temple, the Council sends him to the Rannon Praxeum to undergo his Jedi training.