JEDI HoloNet

Ra Sei


Homeworld: Kamino

Species: Kaminoan


Born to the planet of storms, Kamino. His father heavily disliked the young Kaminoan, seeing him as intellectually weak, or different. Though he managed to turn it into motivation to better himself, through his brief education as a child. Though quickly maturing as his species are designed to do, he picked up most skills almost instantly.

Ra Sei was created through the means of his species technological advancement and biologically creating him as they do with all of the population. Engineered to select specifications, Ra was born to become a scientist must alike his father and mother. Though, from a young age it was clear he was odd. Certain factors about him didn’t align with his supposed template. Though only little of it were manifested within him, there was of course some biological natural DNA.

The Force found it’s way to this young Kaminoan and his gift’s did not go unnoticed. He was quickly noticed by the overseers and reported to the correct authorities as they were aware of such circumstances, as rare as it was for a Kaminoan to be Force-Sensitive.

He was quickly notified to the sectors Watchmen, and sent to Rannon to be trained in the Jedi ways.