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Quor Shey’an

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Dorin

Species: Kel Dor


Birth – Initiation.
Born is a family of five, Quor is the youngest and last of the three siblings. The family lived a busy but fairly simple life. His father served as a lieutenant in the galactic republic’s navy and was often away from their home on Dorin, while his mother would take care of the family and work as a customs officer at the space port. While the family would mostly stay home, they would occasionally travel to whichever sector their father would be stationed at if the deployment was for an extended duration. The three siblings all attended the local academy on Dorin and performed as was expected from their parents. The first eleven years of Quor’s life were like almost any other child’s on Dorin, filled with play, learning and experiencing life and enjoying his youth. Due to a long line of family military service, the household had some level of discipline about it and the children were raised with the same discipline. Quor’s brother loved it, Quor not as much. This would mostly show at the academy as Quor was no stranger to getting in some trouble.

When Quor turned twelve, his oldest brother graduated from the academy at the age of eighteen. His brother looked up to his father and had the ambition to one day follow in his footsteps, and thus he signed up for the republic navy first chance he got. As expected, he finished the initial training top of his class and was chosen to start further specialized officer training at the naval academy. Quor’s brother would be in training for 2 years, and so the entire family set out to travel to the officer academy to attend the acceptance ceremony on Coruscant and wish him well.

Leaving Dorin meant Quor had to wear his breathing mask again, something he rarely did to that day. Descending towards one of the many spaceports spread across Coruscant left Quor gazing out the viewport in awe, the view was a sight he would never forget. As the family traveled to their accommodations for the days to come, Quor was silent as he constantly looked left and right. They arrived at their apartment, it was up high in one of the many buildings towering high above the planet’s surface. The view was great; Quor could’ve seen the curvature of the planet if there were no clouds present. The sky was filled with rows and rows of different crafts and the others towers made up the skyline. The next day dawned, but Quor hadn’t slept much. Instead he sat on his bed and gazed outside throughout the night. As the hours passed that night, Quor seemed to slowly drift in and out of something like a trance without really realizing. One moment all sounds seem to fade, leaving him with a sense of tranquility, the next it was almost as if he could hear voices in the distance, but it was distorted, a uncomprehendible mess of noise and but with a strong feeling of a presence. This would make him snap out of it, thinking someone was outside talking. He’d check, but find no one. He was experiencing something without realizing it and paid no further thoughts to it, but instead sat back down to continue gazing.

That day was the day of the ceremony. Quor, his sister and mother made their way towards the academy where they were greeted by his brother and father who were dressed in their uniform, his father having several medals and ribbons pinned to his chest. They walked together through the corridors before his brother split off to join the other future officers. His father guided them further towards the ceremonial hall. The hall was massive, prestigious and imposing. Armed military personal was everywhere; Quor found it intimidating and it made him feel uncomfortable.
Many people were present, ranging from family members supporting their children or siblings to naval staff and officers. They seated themselves with the other family members and turned their eyes to the main stand.
A man in uniform took the stand and introduced himself as Admiral Eberle and welcomed everyone. After a short speech, the future officers were announced and came marching in in military fashion, escorted by ceremonial music. The amount of people, the scale of the hall, the military personnel and the entire feeling of the ceremony continued to make Quor feel uncomfortable. Of course he was young and had never experienced such an event before, let alone on a planet so far away from home and surrounded by so many different people. He looked to his mother, but she was focused on her son and the ceremony. Deciding he would just have to sit it out, he turned his eyes back to the stand. At one point something took his interest, but it was just a feeling. Glancing around, he realized it was the feeling he felt the night before; the sense of a presence. It was soothing, and his uncomfortable feeling seemed to be gone. Unsure where this feeling came from, Quor looked around. Nothing seemed different, no one taking particular interest in him. He figured it was normal and turned his eyes back to the stand. The ceremony concluded, but the feeling had remained with him. The trainees left the stand and the crowd got up. Quor, along with his mother and sister made their way out the hall and eventually met back up with his brother and father.

The family walked together until they reached the entrance to the academy. After a brief chat and goodbyes, his brother and father headed back inside to join the others. They waited until the pair disappeared around a corner before turning around, about to walk off. Before they set a single step, two men, a Zabrak and a Nautolan, dressed in loose robes and the Nautolan appearing much younger than the zabrak approached them from the right and attempted to grab their attention. Quor looked up at the pair while his mother answered the older of the two. The man introduced himself as Jedi Knight Korban Mareel and the other as his Padawan Govon Ferral. Korban looked upon Quor as he looked back. Quor again felt the same calm feeling come over him, and the overall feeling this man gave him felt a lot like the presence he felt last night. Korban smiled at Quor for a moment as he turned his attention back to Quor’s mother. Korban explained who and what he was, and why he was here. He had felt something the night before as he was in deep meditation in the temple, which happened to not be far away from the apartment Quor’s family stayed at. Quor did not know who or what the Jedi were, he had only vaguely heard about them from his father’s stories about the war he served in. Korban continued; he believed he felt Quor’s force sensitivity through his mediation and set out to locate him. Quor’s mother wouldn’t have it and said that that wasn’t so, and started to walk off, taking Quor by the hand. Korban asked Quor himself if he had felt something unusual himself that night or today. Quor looked at his mother for a moment who was shaking her head as they were walking, but then admitted he did.

His mother seemed surprised and stopped walking, turning her attention to her son. Korban nodded his head and smiled. His mother asked what would happen now, to which Korban replied he would like to take Quor to the temple so that his suspicion could be proven. At first his mother did not agree, but after some elaboration, and the unusual enthusiasm shown by Quor, his mother agreed that he would be taken to the temple for possible training. His mother and sister would return to Dorin, and if Quor could not be trained he would be brought home by Korban personally. And so Quor said goodbye to his family and went to the Jedi temple with Korban and Govon.

The Jedi temple was yet another sight Quor found amazing. Although Quor was alone, he did not feel uneasy with Korban, he actually felt the opposite. The next few weeks, Quor got to know a lot of people from all across the galaxy, from children like himself to Jedi Masters. He also got his first taste of what it would mean to become a Jedi; listening to the masters, talking to students and attending some of the classes. Quor would usually look for Korban, and he would sometimes allow him to observe training sessions with his Padawan, or listen to his teachings. One day Quor, along with some other children were summoned to the Council chambers, that evening, Quor was initiated into the order to begin his training, to hopefully become a Jedi one day.

Initiate – Padawan.
The first two years of Quor’s training went fairly well, he attended classes, practiced with his peers and spent time in the library to read up on class subjects and other things that sparked his interest. He did have trouble performing force techniques; he progressed, but did not do so at the same pace as his fellow students, which often caused him frustration. He did however show promise in the saber arts, and his form advanced constantly. Quor was the oldest of the group he was initiated with, preceding them with at least five years. At first this was not a problem, and the group would almost look at Quor as their ‘leader’, but this changed over time. Quor slowly fell behind with some of his force techniques, and this continued to frustrate him which led to arguments more and more often and sometimes almost fights between him and his peers. When left unattended this would sometimes result in a little less than friendly sparring. He felt he should do better than the younger ones, but he didn’t. Quor and his peers were often called together by one of the masters to settle the dispute and clear up the situation.

While he was friends with the students around his age, Quor could not study and train with them as they were mostly far above his level of training, and thus could only be around them in between training, studies and classes. He would often discus his feelings with Master Mareel, and he assisted Quor with his studies. The relationships between him and his peers did not change much over the course of the next year, and it was begging to affect Quor’s studies and thoughts about his stay and life at the temple, he was no longer sure if he belonged. One day Quor was speaking with Master Mareel’s Padawan Govon, and Govon spoke about his visit to the temple on Illum and he explained how everything was so alike, yet totally different. This sparked Quor’s interest and he asked on about this temple as he began to wonder. The next day he sought out Master Mareel and asked if they could talk. Quor spoke about how he felt about his training and peers here at the temple, and asked him if it would be possible to continue his training elsewhere. The two discussed this for some time as Master Mareel made sure this was really what he wanted, and Quor was sure. Master Mareel assured him he would bring the matter up to the Council and arrange a transfer.

Just as the two were finished, Quor heard his comm sound. The Council requested he’d come to their chambers. Master Mareel accompanied him towards the elevator and sent him up. Quor stood before the council, unsure of why he was summoned. The Council was pleased with his progress, even though there had been some difficulties and it was clear he still had a long way to go, but they were convinced he was ready to move on to the next step of his training and he was promoted to Padawan. The council dismissed him, but Quor hesitated for a moment before turning to walk away and the Council members noticed. Quor was asked if there was something on his mind, and there was. Quor told them about his conversation with Master Mareel about a transfer and explained his reasons for wanting this transfer. The Council discussed it with him, like Master Mareel did. After some time, Quor was dismissed. The Council would discuss a possible transfer and give him their answer soon.

A week later his transfer was approved. Quor would be transferred to the Jedi Enclave of Alzoc III to continue his training to become a Jedi.