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Quetzal Tochtli


Homeworld: Vorzyd V

Species: Zeltron


Quetzal Tochtli was the son of two heavily adventurous parents, who, for the majority of their life, routinely gallivanted about the galaxy. The hedonistic pursuits of his mother and father eventually lead them to meet each other on Quetzal’s future home world and notoriously bacchanal planet, Vorzyd V. Quetzals father, like most Zeltrons, were not accustomed to settling with a spouse. It is for this reason, the union between Quetzal’s parents was brief and his father departed the ecumenopolis world of Vorzyd V before his son’s birth.

Queztal’s conception came as a surprise to his mother, who contemplated returning to Zeltron due to the state of her finances. However, after firmly deciding to keep the child, she remained on Vorzyd V. Quetzal’s mother wasn’t very well equipped to raise a child, being so young, and she worked frequently to try and provide the essentials for both her and her son.

Even with a completely absent father and an eccentric mother who was not around much, Quetzal still inherited the vagabond qualities of both his parents. Rarely at home alone, Quetzal ventured into the infinitely diverse playground that was the city, his surreptitiously wayward behaviour to travel all sectors of the metropolis, sometimes carrying dangerous results. Fortunately, he had a knack for escaping close calls, unharmed.

Without the firm hand of a frequently present mother, Quetzal’s grades suffered as he favoured adventure in the capital of Vorzyd V, instead of attending to his studies. Granted, it can be assumed he did not miss out on much, considering the educational standards of Vorzyd V were of a rather low.

Additionally, Quetzal’s absent mother left him to deal with him natural abilities of his species. As a Zeltron he was able to pick up on the stronger emotions of others. Most Zeltrons were mentored to repress or flush out the negative feelings. Without the tutelage of his mother, Quetzal was left exposed to the powerful influx of emotions from all the people on his multiracial home world.

One evening in the central bazaar, a violent argument erupted in front of Quetzal. His untrained empathic abilities began to take its toll on him, as the surrounding spectators joined in on the fight. He was in the middle of it all when a blade swung aimlessly towards him, but then suddenly an arrival of a robed stranger pushed him onto the ground. Before he had time to process what had happened, the stranger lifted Quetzal up and took him away, while local law enforcement rushed in to make an arrest.

Grateful, Quetzal offered his Iktotchi rescuer accommodation for the night, inviting him to his place. Seemingly intrigued by Quetzal, the man accepted the invitation. During the evening, the man prepared assortment of unusual tasks for Quetzal and also asked him a series of questions. In the late hours of the night, his mother returned home, surprised to see the Iktotchi. Shortly after her return home, the man pulled her aside and explained that he was a Knight of the Jedi Order. On the spot, he offered to take Quetzal back to the Coruscant temple to determine his eligibility for training. Reluctantly, she accepted, knowing her son would enjoy a higher quality of life among the Jedi.

Confused and a little afraid, Queztal went with the Iktotchi, seeking constant reassurance from the Jedi and his mother before leaving. He was taken to Coruscant, where his Force sensitivity was confirmed. Not long after he was promptly transferred to the Alzoc III branch.