JEDI HoloNet



Homeworld: Sylvia IV

Species: Sylphe


Qovziti-Xhoka first came into consciousness in 289ABY, as a part of the Xhoka clan. As is customary for Sylphe, she was guided to find her own shape over the course of several years before finally being able to move from the place of her birth.

During this crucial time, she was often surrounded by the elders of her clan who taught her how to communicate. The Xhoka clan had several permanent members who were not Sylphe: scientists and traders of many different species. Once she was able to leave the place of her birth, Qovziti now had to learn how the galaxy operated beyond her tiny patch of soil.

She soon befriended a Sullustan botanist, who was researching the Sylphe. The Sullustan taught her about the many species in the galaxy as well as their worlds. In return Qovziti explained life from her perspective. Soon the two became fast friends.

The Sullustan died in 334ABY from natural causes. Although Qovziti met many other people afterwards, several who were just as friendly, none had quite the same impact on her as the Sullustan had.

In 357ABY, considered only a juvenile in her species, Qovziti was introduced to someone different from the others she had met before. This new person dressed strangely and spoke in a very unscientific way. She explained to Qovziti about the Jedi, the self-proclaimed protectors of the galaxy. The person, who claimed to be one of the Jedi herself, explained that if she chose Qovziti could follow this path as well. Excited to see her friend’s stories for herself, Qovziti agreed.