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Qi’la Mydanil

Qi’la Mydanil
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Naboo

Mentor(s): Zakarie Di'Vosk, Dreshin Bralor

Species: Zeltron


Born from the union of a Human and a Zeltron, male and female respectively, named Rune and Kwy’nel, on Naboo in 354 ABY the ninth, Qi’la Mydanil lives with her parents. The little family lives a rather humble life. The mother is a doctor and the father, a Jedi. Though, Qi’la shares an uncommon trait with her father; she is a force-sensitive. How did they come to realize it ? A Zeltron has many specificities, the Force only increased them. There came rare altercations where emotions triggered not only the pheromones, but sensations onto the victims, sometimes pleasing, some others not. The general school where Qi’la studied became aware of that and believed that, since her father was a Jedi, he was the one able to help.

Unfortunately, the father being what he is, he often doesn’t come at home, most of the time in the cycle’s end. Sometimes though, he is allowed some kind of holidays, as Rune is a teacher at the temple of Dantooine, rarely going off-world. Still, the family sought to have a protection when Rune and Kwy’nel made the difficult decision to give birth to Qi’la. A retired uncle of Rune lives with them ever since. One day, another child was born, another little girl by the name of Lay’la. Quite the calm and introverted one, in contrary to Qi’la, dynamic, rarely keeping calm in even the most relaxing circumstances. Conversations could become quite annoying or amusing depending on how people views the girl’s behavior and natural loud voice tone. Besides being hyperactive, she is quite social and joyful, an urge that needs to be suppressed for most of the people she has met.

A day came when Qi’la had to make a decision. The head master wasn’t exactly agreeing to keep going with her schooling but to her, it didn’t matter. The girl wanted to do something greater, she admired the work of her father as well as her mother, but if she wanted to move on without schooling, only one option was available. Becoming a Jedi. To her, it was exciting, the best way to live. Action, adventures, people like her she could relate to… And most importantly, friends. She gave up all her possessions, her toys, these mystic thoughts driving her, motivating her. The uncle understood it was time, so they boarded a transport in destination of Rannon, perhaps for the child to live a better future, and to make a lot of friends.