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Phoe Nhix

Phoe Nhix
Jedi Master - Former High Councilor

Homeworld: Obroa-Skai

Mentor(s): None

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Akuma Krynn, Soh Raun, Syphix Selmur, Maleena Nellik, Lynee'alin, Nivek Tholmai, Asrelia Mhy, Aldia Crestrunner, Aayla Vigil


“Strong in the Force, Phoe Nhix normally shows a calm and peaceful manners, though deep inside, is a formidable practitioner of the Lightsaber Arts. Playing both physical and mind sides, he is indeed a balance within the Order.” – Axem Keigoku.


Phoe Nhix was born on 202.11 on Obroa-Skai, a cold planet on the Outer Rim. And from his birth, he has been put in the orphaned nursery. Nhix’s father left the house after his mother died in childbirth. Few years later, an exporter merchant adopted him, and made him work in his ship even though Phoe was still very young.

It was on Bespin, the gas giant, that young teenager Nhix’s life changed for everything. While on refueling duties, Phoe noticed an old man, with a grey worn coat, who stept forward to Phoe and asked if the kid knew of his mother. Quite shocked and unsure of the man’s goal, Phoe was suddenly in a mental defensive. After a few minutes, the old man ran away as if his life depended on it.
His adoptive Father then asked Phoe to board ship, and to not talk to strangers – difficult times it was in the Galaxy, and indeed strange odds may happen to whoever is too reckless.

But Phoe wished a greater life, something of significance, as he, himself, tweaked the gastransport’s engine cells to leak, making the ship unable the take off, ran away from his close-to-slavery life while the confusion kept him out of sight.

Living off what he could find, 16 year old Nhix was happy, even if he was living in poor quarters, to feel free. Later that year, there was an attempt on a Senators life, where the New Republic had sent a garrisson to help secure the representative of the quite important world.

Curious aobut these events, Phoe would sneak often in the Senate chambers and explore the surroundings, until one day he was caught. Afraid to loose this hard-worked for freedom, Phoe tried to run away from the guards, only to make a swift turn in a hall, and slam into an aging man.

A strange smile on the elder’s face strocked Phoe. The weirdly dressed stranger offered him a hand to get up, and ‘ordered’ the Guards off.

The man then looked at the youngster, telling him
– I am Axem Keigoku

Throughout the years, Phoe Nhix made up his way in the order; He has been initiated and became a Jedi Knight on Coruscant, then a part of the academy has been split which led Phoe to be part of the new academy of Yavin IV.

Phoe Nhix had been acknowledged as a Jedi Master and had a seat in the High Council chamber of the academy of Yavin IV. Years later, Master Nhix went on an early retirement after the defeat of Lord Rishi.

However Master Nhix is back in the Jedi Order and currently part of the Jedi High Council of Coruscant.