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Patina Lawrelle


Homeworld: Chandrila

Species: Human/Nishr


Patina Lawrelle was traveling with her family through the Ord Radama system when their convoy was caught in an ion storm. The crew determined it was too risky for the passengers to stay aboard the vessel during repairs, and they were rushed aboard escape pods; separating Patina from her parents in the process due to them being at the wrong places at the wrong time.

The whole trip had been plagued by misfortune, and Patina awoke days later to find herself in the care of the native Devlikks. The young woman seemed fortunate, just a few bruises and a mild concussion, as the escape pods landing cycles proved just as affected by the storm as the cruiser they had abandoned.

After several days care in the gentle hands of the natives, a visitor came to see the young woman. News of their arrival traveled as quickly as any news does on Ord Radama, giving Patina hope that she would be reunited with her parents.

It was not her parents; it was a Knight of the Jedi Order. They had been sent to render aid to the convoy that had been stranded in the system. Confusion threatened to overtake her, but Patina soon learned that the Jedi was kind and caring, worthy of her admiration. She answered the Jedi’s questions as best as she could, even if they didn’t make much sense now.

The Devlikk’s were thanked for Patina’s rescue, but it was clear that the same gifts that helped ensure a safe landing on the planet required further observation among the Order. With no word of her parent’s survival, and the promise of a hot meal and a warm bed, the young woman accompanied the Jedi back to their Praxeum where she would wait patiently for word from her parents.

Fearing the worst, but brave in the face of adversity, Patina Lawrelle was Hopeful.