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Panu Borawu

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Rodia

Mentor(s): Drax

Species: Rodian



Born of the Chattza clan’s nobility, Panu lived a relatively lavish life. Gifted with the highest education his family could procure, and martial training from the day he was old enough to wield a blaster, his dream to become one of the personal bodyguards to the Grand Protector of Rodia seemed secure.

However, dreams have a funny way of changing. During a routine diplomatic mission a Jedi Watchman, a Chistori named Drax, discovered Panu’s latent force sensitivity, and began petitioning his family to allow him to join the Order. Panu resisted, at first, insisting that he was needed on Rodia and that all Chattza have a duty to oversee Rodian affairs, his knowledge of growing tensions between the Chekkoo and Chattza clans potentially leading to war being a looming worry.

Drax conceded, and instead requested to observe Panu’s training, which Panu’s parents allowed.

During their foray into the swamps of Rodia, Panu demonstrated his talents in tracking, only occasionally having to be corrected by his mentors. They followed the tracks, only to discover that something much larger had taken their chosen prey. Upon being told this, Panu’s mentors stepped forward with their weapons readied, and as they did they heard a piercing shriek from their rear.

A ghest rose out of the swamp, its featureless eyes locked on the closest, smallest target, but before it could rush forward and snap Panu in its powerful, razor-sharp maw, Drax jumped between them, and began telekinetically hurling rocks and fallen limbs at the creature, shouting for the other Rodians to assist him. Panu watched on as Drax lead the Rodians, distracting the beast with a whirlwind of sound and collisions from all sides, and as the beast seemed to be regaining its focus, Drax changed his strategy, extending his arms and shocking the beast with an arc of blue lightning from his fingertips.

The ghest stumbled backwards, clearly attempting to submerge itself beneath the swamp in its attempt to flee, but Drax was faster. He pulled out his lightsaber, activated it, and threw it at the ghest’s head, impaling it square between its milky white eyes. Panu found himself impressed, and as the danger ended, immediately launched into a flurry of excited questions, none of which Drax would answer.

Instead, he insisted that if Panu wished to learn these abilities, and the extent of his true capabilities, that he’d need to come with him to the Rannon Praxeum.

Panu’s bags were packed before morning.