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Pamela Kuonn

Pamela Kuonn

Homeworld: Coruscant

Mentor(s): N/A

Species: Zelosian

Padawan(s): N/A




Pamela’s first memories held place in a small orphanage where wealth was unique. She had no knowledge further than the doors leading towards the Upper Cities but only of what she could grasp in her tiny finger tips. The orphanage was not of great condition nor suitable for more than 8 children – therefore Pamela had limited friends. Like many of these friends, she was unable to do things that many ‘civilised’ children could. This included the basic steps of academics such as reading and writing of an average young child.

As a Zelosian, Pamela would often find herself blind. The orphanage had little decent light through out the day and therefore needed assistance often from the other children there. This made her more aware of her surroundings than an average sentient.

By the age of 5 Pamela managed to speak mild basic thanks to listening to her surroundings and the other, older, children based in the orphanage. In her mind she had developed a mindset that she could not speak to those superior to her before first being spoken to. She should be thankful for anything that was given to her and show respect to those that only gave her respect first.

One year later the orphanage had been bought over by a hut during a gamble. However the hut was not concerned for the children and wanted them kicked out as soon as possible. The children did as they were asked whilst they were being removed, terrified of what would happen next. As Pamela did this, she found her birth certificate in the carer’s room. The only words that Pamela was intrigued in was her date of birth listed under her name.

As the children walked out Pamela looked over one last time to where the hut was inspecting the old orphanage and noticed a cloaked man pointing towards where she and the other seven children were waiting. Only minutes later the same man told the children to follow him. Like the rest, Pamela was confused – but did what she was asked. Before she knew it she was in the Upper Cities of Coruscant.

Looking around, Pamela was mesmerized with awe. She had never seen such a place in her life. The children continued there walk in silence – too distracted to think why they were following this stranger. After many minutes, the children stood before the Jedi Temple of Coruscant. Whilst there the children were injected and each had to have a small amount of blood withdrawed. Whilst this was happening they all listened intently to the man’s words. Unfortunately for Pamela, she had little idea of what the man was saying.

Pamela stayed silent, and only looked around to find droids informing the man of results. He frowned at all of the droids words until Pamela’s name was heard. He then gazed at her and informed her that this would be her lucky day. She wasn’t the only one. A younger, 4 year old rodian also received the same message. Pamela and the rodian were taken away from the other children and were escorted to a room with large maps. A younger human that Pamela knew as ‘My Padawan’ showed her of a planet named Alzoc III.

For the next day Pamela was tested on basic writing, reading, and speaking – but managed to fail each. She was given a small bag with a datapad attached to it. The padawan told her to give this to the Master’s of the Temple she would be sent to. She was also given a few tunics (one to wear, and others to pack) as well as some sandwiches and a few cartons of juice. Pamela was told to place her belongings into this bag and follow the female human to a small ship. She saw the cloaked man one more time, except with the 4 year old rodian.

Throughout Pamela’s journey she was told why she was being sent to the Temple of Alzoc III, and what she will be doing whilst there. All Pamela could do was nod. So in between her speech, the padawan recorded everything she said into the attached datapad, telling Pamela she will understand one day. Eventually they arrived outside the Temple, and Pamela was shown the front door. The padawan told her that some steps must be taken by yourself, whether you like it or not. So Pamela entered the Temple by herself – awaiting whatever comes next.