JEDI HoloNet

Ori Navarus

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Devaron

Mentor(s): Amaan Ikir, Shu Ra

Species: Devaronian


Within the Colony Regions, a child named Ori was born on the planet Devaron, home to the Devaronians. She was born into a normal family, the youngest of three children. The other two being her older brothers. Her father worked as a hunter and her mother was a merchant. A normal family. Though, the youngest what came with that was the trait of being the naughtiest, on a planet where you would rarely find a decent soul. She tricked and pestered all she could. Often hiding from her parents, and finding it extremely easy to do so, a natural talent. At the age of ten she ran away.

She rarely attended school, getting into trouble when she did. She would manage to slip away before anyone could catch up to her, seemingly so did the consequences. Ori would regularly steal from bakery, only enough food for her to eat, though she took a bit more to feed a small group of children she befriended. They were almost like a tribe, they survived; together. Though they were unaware of the dangers that lurked on Devaron.

They had created a camp not too far from a settlement, made from stolen tents that they took the day before. It was a normal evening, they stayed up late, cracking jokes and enjoying themselves. A screech filled the camp, before several amber eyes appeared from the bushes with singular horns between them. Quarra, a vicious predator native to Devaron. They screamed, several of the children but Ori froze. She stood still, as if she was sleeping with her eyes open. Shock? It was more of a natural reaction, the beasts walked straight past her beginning to trace the other children’s footsteps. From behind the beasts a pack of hunters followed, led by her father.

The hunting pack was astonished by how she had survived, a Quarra attack and word began to spread. Eventually she was put forward for a Force-sensitivity test, by the sector’s watchmen and she was recommended to the Ossus Temple to become a Jedi.

Upon arriving, she didn’t exactly fit in. Distancing herself from everyone, hiding. Eventually a Jedi Knight named Amaan Ikir noticed the Devaronian child and aided her in making friends and opening up to her peers. He would find himself creating a bond with the child and taking her on as his Padawan Learner. They worked well for the initial year however, on 395.16 ABY, Amaan Ikir would leave the Jedi Order and Ori would become masterless. She then transferred to the Alzoc III Temple to continue her training.