JEDI HoloNet

Oreyn Argent

Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Shili

Mentor(s): Halu Deowell

Species: Togruta


The rolling plains of Dantooine was the only lasting home that Oreyn knew; regardless of how long an assignment was, the location, or what happened, he always came back to Dantooine. Oreyn was born in the year 375 ABY, the first day of the first rotation, on the Togruta homeworld of Shili. His story, of coming to the Jedi Order, is entirely devoid of uniqueness, and is exceptionally bland. At the age of three, Oreyn was discovered by a roaming Jedi watchman that had been dispatched to Shili to resolve an altercation between an oligopoly, using locally illegal economic practices, and its consumers, who had been losing their life earnings on inelastic goods. Upon resolution, Oreyn and his family, his two parents among those consumers who had been affected, were nearby awaiting the results. The watchman approached, feeling the presence of another heightened individual in the Force, and requested a discussion with Oreyn’s parents. To this end, his parents, of modest bearing but no poor lot in life, happily agreed, and gave Oreyn his clan markings early, to ensure he forever remember where he came from; and then, he departed for Dantooine with the Jedi watchman.

Though Oreyn’s story of discovery had been bland, his training was not. Dantooine was well established by the time Oreyn began his training, in the year 378 ABY, as the Imperium War and its effects on the previously destroyed praxeum had been swept away. The plethora of mentors, of great knowledge and expertise, to guide Oreyn’s training ensured a diversified education in all the traditional arts one would learn in school for such an age, as well as more uniquely Jedi subjects. Of particular interest to Oreyn were the political machinations between the Republic and the rest of the Galaxy; he engaged in many elective comparative politics courses as well as courses involving political theory, citing his avid pursuance of the study as the way to accomplish life’s ultimate good.

Of course, his training took great shape under the tutelage of his mentor, Jedi Knight Halu Deowell, and was a great inspiration for Oreyn’s pursuit of more diplomatic studies. To Oreyn, the Order was, with the exception of the first brief three years of his life, the only home he knew, and his adherence to Jedi principles were paramount to his character and personal philosophy. To this end, his pursuit of mundane arts were justified, as a Jedi could only act in defense of others should they understand the reason they act, and to aptly justify the reason they act, and to ensure that they have exhausted all other alternatives.

Halu Deowell, a young Knight at the time, had weathered the Imperium War as a padawan learner, and thus understood the importance of martial ability. Had it not been for his mentorship, Oreyn likely would have outright neglected his study of the lightsaber and offensive Force capabilities; to compensate for his bare modest ability in combat, his mentor urged him to learn jar’kai, in order to better offset his natural disadvantage given Oreyn’s heavy reliance on passive Force abilities and the educational arts.

Oreyn and Halu made a good team, and due to their relative ages, Oreyn looked up to Halu as a brother, as well as a mentor. Given Oreyn’s training occurred during a relatively peaceful time in the Galaxy, he had a great deal of opportunity to flex his diplomatic skills, as well as enhance his knowledge of more Force concentrated arts and exploration; together, throughout Oreyn’s padawan training, the pair completed more than two dozen assignments of varying difficulty and broad subject matter, with only a couple resulting to aggressive action. If someone were to ask Oreyn, he would cite his strict adherence to the Jedi Code and principles as the reason for such a high rate of success without arms. Eventually, in the year 393 ABY, upon completion of his training, Oreyn was granted the rank of Jedi Knight by the Dantooine Council.

Upon his promotion, Oreyn was immediately reassigned from Dantooine to the Rannon floatilla; the council, in their decision, said that the residents needed more bodies in order to make up for recent losses, as well as to aid in their unique struggle which had been pervasive throughout the last few years. Oreyn was, reasonably, disappointed to turn away from what he considered his home on Dantooine, though welcomed the chance to diversify his experience and learn from others. Though apprehensive of a change so quickly after his Knighthood, Oreyn was confident that so long as he remain true to his values, that he follow the Code, and that he continue to uphold the standards he set for himself not just as a Jedi, but as a person, that he would be able to capably handle his transition.



375 ABY – Oreyn Argent is born on Shili on the first day of the first rotation of the year.

378 ABY – Oreyn is discovered by the Jedi Order and is taken to Dantooine to begin his training.

381 ABY – Oreyn is apprenticed under Jedi Knight Halu Deowell.

393 ABY – Oreyn is granted the rank of Jedi Knight.

393 ABY – Oreyn is reassigned to the Rannon floatilla.