JEDI HoloNet

Ora Odai

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Chandrila

Mentor(s): Jerex Sol

Species: Human


Ora Odai was born in the year 361 ABY, the sole child of Reedus and Orin Odai. Both her mother and father were relatively well known across the planet for spearheading the recovery efforts that took place following the devastation caused by the Core Plague. Reedus served as a distinguished member of the Chandrilan House, and her mother Orin was the head physician of a group of doctors and scientists Chandrila had offered the republic to help synthesize the cure.

After both rather distinguished political and medical careers, respectively, it would have seemed as though Ora’s future was destined to follow her in her parents footsteps. After some debate between the two of them, the young girl, who had already begun her formal education at an early age, was enrolled into the Legislative Youth Program, with Chandrila serving as the programs primary monthly retreat location. During the retreat, the members would also tour Chandrila’s vast agricultural projects, wilderness areas, coral reefs, and garden parks.

It was during one of these tours, the first for Ora, that she had wandered from the group, after having felt a strange sensation calling out to her. Wandering too close to the ledge of a rocky outcrop protruding from the ground, she’d fall into a chasm, tumbling, sliding and rolling down into the darkness until she fell from the ceiling into an open cavern, illuminated by dozens of crystal formations.

There she lay unconscious for an hour or so, until finally coming to, finding herself on a platform in the middle of a great naturally formed trench, suspended in the middle of a deep abyss. Unwittingly, she now found herself deep underground, in the midst of an ancient Jedi Temple…or Tomb. Many of the pathways were blocked by rubble, or sealed off intentionally, but as Ora continued to explore the ruin, she seemed to find no trouble in remaining calm, quelling any sense of panic or anxiety.

Stranded, after several days on her own, with only a few more days rations, Ora continued to map out the vast complex of underground tunnels and bridges, seeking out a way to the surface. Several more days would pass, and with the last bit of rationed food gone, she’d find herself struggling a bit more to quell her previous worries. She wondered if they were looking for her up above. If they knew she was missing, or perhaps if they thought she’d run away. She’d always been somewhat free spirited, and independent.

Exhausted she would collapse near a stone pillar covered in runes and symbols, near to the point of giving up. She acquiesced to the thought of dying down here, this place now becoming her tomb as well. She was about to close her eyes when the faint hint of something caught her attention. Over near a pile of rocks, buried beneath them in fact, glowing blue. She amassed what strength she had left to push herself up from the pillar to go inspect the pile of rubble. From beneath the rocks and debris she pulled a small cube, etched in strange designs, and glowing brighter now that it was in her line of sight. Ora would go on to inspect the object momentarily, startled when it suddenly opened itself up to her, floating upwards out of her hand, pieces of it detaching themselves and floating around the centerpiece.

Ora backed away slowly, unsure of what was happening, until a holographic image revealed itself to her. A schematic of some sort…or a map. Plucking the holocron from out of the air, Ora followed what she could best ascertain to be a path out of the tomb, using it’s map to guide her. After nearly a week and a half, or more, stuck deep in the crystal canyons of Chandrila, she’d approach a large stone gateway, it’s double doors parted slightly, allowing the sunlight outside to pierce into the darkness. Emerging out into the open, with the holocron in hand, she’d take a few steps forward before stopping, shielding her eye’s from the sun with her other hand. Before her stood a vague silhouette, his back against the sun, hood drawn up to shadow his face, and hand’s clasped together, hidden up within the sleeves of his robe.

“Hello there…” He said.