JEDI HoloNet

Ooli Mambi


Homeworld: Zeltros

Species: Twi'lek


Ooli was born an only child to Twilek parents who both managed a small hotel on the planet Zeltros. Spending most of his time around his parents and the hotel he would attend school via his tablet in the staff rooms for the greater part of his days and help his parents with menial tasks around the hotel. He was dutiful and never left any task unfinished. Both of his parents were Avant Garde and wanted to ascend past their current lifestyle. His mother wanted to be a dancer and his Father a Sculptor wishing to have his projects noted by royalty. As their pursuits kept them away from home most nights Ooli was left alone to his personal room where his caretaker who was also a maid employed by the hotel would keep tabs on him. Ooli enjoyed art like his parents and took a particular liking to classical dance and music just like his caretaker. Both of his parents came to his personal hotel room one morning which is something they never did. They told him about a great opportunity for the family, a special journey, and a burden lifted. Ooli didn’t quite understand. They were emotional but not exactly sad. They both squeezed him tight and held on but Ooli didn’t mind. They hardly ever gave him this much attention and emotion so it was nice. A knock on the door made them both release their grip and jump up. They both looked at each other and sighed. They opened the door and let a Female of some race Ooli had never seen inside. After a short exchange with the parents that Ooli couldn’t hear, she walked up to him slowly and told him “Come with me”. I looked to both of my parents and they nodded approvingly.