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Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Kushibah

Mentor(s): Xa'o Zalei, Emilia Carizk

Species: Kushiban


Ommar was born on his home planet of Kushibah, Ommar (Pronounced like O-Mar) never really stood out among a crowd or group, but strange things did sometimes happen when he was present. He was indeed an unusual one of his kind, and very lonely. He was very adventurous, but shy. He loved to learn and read and was particularly interested in language. He worked hard on learning the common language. Ommar was always longing for some place beyond his home. His waiting for something like this went on all the way until he was nine.

Soon after he turned nine there was a night, like any normal one. But, after Ommar was already in bed a very long loud noise started, no one else heard it. Ommar didn’t want to miss anything interesting that happened. Silently padding along, Ommar followed the sound, it led to a clearing Ommar happened to like to lay down in while he thought about things. In this clearing was a ship. Ommar stopped dead in his tracks, unsure what to think, even more unsure after a human stepped out of it, probably around the age of 30. He was wearing a tan robe and a lightsaber. The human walked down a ramp and took out a mini holo-projector, he took five minutes staring at the image coming from it. The human decided to take look around and he quickly spotted Ommar.

“Hello little one” Said the Human. Ommar just stared back at him for a minute before asking “Who are you and what brings you here?”. “Repairs” Said the Human. Ommar walked slowly out of the trees and into the light, ready to run away at any moment. “I am a Jedi” Said the Human.

Many things happened after that, Ommar for one, was curious about this visitor. Ommar also thought he was wise and interesting. The Jedi followed Ommar to his house to stay for the night and to meet his family, they thought him strange. It didn’t take him long to discover Ommar was force sensitive. the next day the stranger asked ‘Would you like to come with me to train to be a Jedi and learn the ways of the force?’. ‘Yes’ Ommar said.

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