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Olim Adasca

Olim Adasca
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Arkania

Mentor(s): Sebastin Creed

Species: Arkanian


His journey began in 268 ABY. A young boy, born as the third son of one of the ruling families on Arkania. Years before, his oldest brother had already set his mind on becoming their father’s successor. Olim was to be taught in economic matters, eventually to become one of his brother’s advisors. Blood ties were always trusted upon as the most reliable form of partnership in Arkanian politics.
More so than others of his age, Olim developed his own personality. His tutors informed his parents that he might very well be capable of being more than just an economic advisor. His parents let it slide as normal. Olim’s tutors had also taught his two brothers before him. Those too had shown a faster intellectual development in their early years. But Olim’s personality had sprung from something else. One of his teachers had grasped this. This teacher was a Jedi.
Not long after, another Jedi came to visit the Adasca household. Olim’s Jedi tutor had invited him to test the boy. Olim’s parents didn’t see harm in this, and let the experiment continiue. The boy was found to be Force-Sensitive, and his parents were put in front of a dilemma. To let the boy go, or not.
Soon after this incident, Olim’s mother, Locaria, was found to be pregnant of yet another child. His father Kuvar eventually decided to let Olim go, and to be trained in the arts of the Force by the Jedi.

Olim had only vaguely grasped what had been going on, yet he shed no tears. There was a certain peace to be found in this sudden turn of events. The boy fell asleep in the planetary transport to the Arkanian enclave, and only momentarily waked up as he was brought to a shuttle bound for Yavin. He spends his days reading through some simple books concerning the Force that the Jedi left with him as he was shown his bunk.
He’s a hopeful now, awaiting to be approved as an initiate.

274.28 ABY – Initiated in the presence of Jedi Master Soh Raun and Jedi Knights Aayla Vigil & Nivek Tholmai.