JEDI HoloNet

Nulla Zil

Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Quarzite

Species: Kage

Padawan(s): Nicole Inaru, Daegon Evera


Born on Quarzite to a married couple, Nix and Fusilia Zil, were two brothers; Nulla and Geminae. Nulla, the second twin was a quiet child ever since birth. Like his brother, they seemed to show a passion for any goal they set forth. It went unspoken, but they were forever bound to their own code of honor.

At an early age, around ten years old, the two brothers entered a program for youth to train to be Kage Warriors. Their prowess and skill in athleticism seemed rather peculiar to most. The height they can achieve greater than most of their age, their speed far surpassing most as well; While just as aggressive as his brother, Nulla always seemed to keep a more chilled attitude in combat, reserved and cold.

As their training came to a close, the visitation of a Jedi which was a rare occurrence, happened. Their presence wasn’t seemingly warranted at all, it was a couple of Watchmen lurking about inspecting the people and setting up good relations. One trailed off watching as the young Kage understudies sparred, most closely the brothers. On his own, Nulla seemed to be one to harshly attack his opponents with a completely straight face even when shouting a Kiai. Never once did he help his opponent up, but always did he offer a bow before and after the battle to honor them.

Later in the evening, during a family dinner the Zil, the Jedi visitors came to join them. This was puzzling to Nulla, fixated on the presence of these odd warrior’s. Not much word really spread to Quarzite about the Jedi, but they knew the basics of its upstart since three hundred years ago. Not too long after each child was approached separately, by a Jedi with several tests on their being. While they all nodded to each other, Nulla spoke up.

“I wish to spar one of you.” said the young child, barely reaching their pre-teens.

They looked at him, and the one who scouted them both brothers at first approached pulling her hood down to reveal the face of a woman. She had fair skin, light blue eyes, and white hair; to Nulla she almost looked similar to his own people. For a while he stared at her before running to grab his training weapons.

The two came to stand in a ring, both given wooden versions of weapons they were comfortable with. The Jedi woman carried with them a finesse with which Nulla hadn’t seen before from any other. She fought much like him, ferocious yet with that same blank expression as himself. Somehow he felt like she was trying to speak to him; she understood him. On that same day he lost, he would be given a hand, and offer to the Jedi Order.

The woman later took him on as her Padawan sometime after his initiation on Ilum. She was a Jedi Knight by the name of Mirana Bana, a human. She taught him both ways of battle within skills she acquired through combat as well as the ways of the Jedi. He learned from his Master that battle was a top form of expression, that through it one could truly understand their opponent and in doing so brought him better to understand the Jedi. It brought forth images and feelings of his peers struggles to prove themselves and protect the galaxy. He could empathize with it, and the wishes of the Jedi. Laws and the Tenants were mostly words to him, it was by connections and spirit that he understood the Jedi the most.

Ilum was a quiet and caved place, so any assignment usually had the boy shipped off with his Master to assist in the affairs of Ossus. Much time investigating or quelling harsh situations nearing the edges of the Outer-Rim. A few assignments later, and the boy Mirana saw within dueling circles as a child had ascended to Knighthood. To his dismay, however, he was to be shipped from Ilum, a place he was comfortable with given its likeness to his cavern home to the Praxeum on Rannon. It was a long distance from his Master, and the likelihood he’d see her again was rather low. They spared one last time, the only way they could say goodbye, and by the end of it, there were only a few words shared.

“See you soon, Master Zil.” said his former Master.

“I will see you soon as well, Master Bana. Thank you for showing me what it means to be a Jedi. I promise to serve my position well across the Galaxy.”

He backed into a shuttle, looking back, turning away… and on his face, a smile.