JEDI HoloNet

Norin Pendrahan


Homeworld: Kelada

Species: Human


Norin was born in the industrial area of Kelada. His parents were both factory workers who worked on a speeder bike assembly line. Norin even as a young boy never cared for the industrial area or its productions. Always wanting a more tranquil environment, he often pleaded with his parents to take him to the more natural areas of Kelada, but his parents could not find the time because of their trade.

Still Norin grew up happy and loved by his parents. His father told him stories of the battles between sith and jedi which fascinated the young boy. He loved the romance of it all and dreamed of one day becoming a jedi knight. On his 12th birthday, he was being bullied by a boy who hated Norin for years. The bully named Ketsa loathed Norin for the love he had received from his parents. Love that Ketsa never received from his own.

Through out the day Ketsa beat on Norin relentlessly. Norin never said a word. He pitied Ketsa and remembered the jedi teachings in the old stories. Ketsa enraged by Norin’s passive demeanor lunged at him missing and hitting a local crook. The crook turned and laughed at Ketsa. “You stupid boy. You call that a hit?!” The crook prepared to strike Ketsa when suddenly Norin pulled Ketsa back and stood in front of him. The crook hesitated and looked at Norin. “Masochist little runt.” the crook uttered. The crook than turned around and left. Norin did not turn to look at Ketsa.

Norin walked home and when he arrived saw a cloaked figure sitting with his parents. The cloaked figure said “Brave boy, I have waited for you.” The cloaked man stood. “The force is not the strongest in you, but its there. I can feel it.” Norin had a puzzled look on his face. “Come boy, I’ll explain everything.” The cloaked figure revealed himself to be a jedi recruiter and saw the altercation earlier. With the blessing of his parents, Norin was taken to the jedi temple to start walking on the path that Norin had always wanted to take. Becoming a jedi knight.