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Nodo Salar

Nodo Salar
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Glee Anselm

Mentor(s): Wrennin Vae, Voh Phaar

Species: Nautolan

Padawan(s): Estelwen Rha


Ever since he could get out of the water, Nodo has been shuttling from one place to another. His father, after a few seconds of thought, decided every ship needed a cook. To keep on the move, he’d become a ships cook and take Nodo with him. Leaving his mother and sister behind after a nasty divorce, Nodo and his dad were in permanent transit from that day on. Never stopping to really talk about why they were always on the move, or why he decided to be a cook after he fried off his tastebuds in a freak maintenance accident, Nodo’s dad used stories to keep him from asking too many questions.

Developing a bit of a passion for them, Nodo would often pester the crew of the numerous ships for stories, listening in under tables at cantinas in the space stations to hear the smugglers and bounty hunters brag. Though by far his favourite storyteller, was an old half-blind Aqualish navigator, who would fill Nodo’s short time on his ship with parables filled with talking animals, and not-so subtle moral lessons. Despite his tendency to make them up on the spot, they captured Nodo more than any cantina tale of violence and betrayal. It was in the cramped quarters of ships, playing hide and seek in engine rooms he learned the value of conversation, exploration and all things mechanical.

And one day, while his dad as usual was giving everyone in his vicinity food poisoning in a spaceport cantina, he went to talk to a hooded sentient in the corner. When Nodo went to crawl under the table to listen in, his dad quickly sent him on his way, the stranger left and that was that. Everything went on as normal. A few days later, a shuttle came for Nodo and he was on his way again. His dad, as usual, said he’d explain it another time. He arrived at the praxeum clueless, and very confused.

As an initiate, Nodo showed much reluctance in his training. His skipping classes and fear of lightsabers only served to drive him in a different direction, and he usually hid out in the archives poring over old Huttese stories or standing on his tiptoes at a workbench when he wasn’t in the cantina chatting to his best friend Bee.

He was soon apprenticed by Wrennin Vae, and as his padawan enjoyed many adventures. The two shared many laughs and fly-thru burgers together, and Nodo was only too happy to accompany Wrennin on his diplomatic assignments and go missing for a day or two. His training was very unorthodox and Nodo learned through experience and example, helped along by Wrennin’s thinly veiled pearls of wisdom. When Wrennin unfortunately died on an assignment, Nodo was taken under the wing of Voh Phaar, who had always been like a big brother to him. It was during this time Nodo’s study as an artisan thrived, and the two worked out many mechanical malfunctions over a holofilm. This time was short however, as Voh also died while on an assignment. Having been present for both of his masters’ deaths, but unable to prevent them, Nodo carried on with a battered smile. He completed the rest of his training masterless, but he was never alone – many friends helped him along the way.


361.19 – Nodo is initiated on Rannon by Master Cael Dan’kor
362.27 – Nodo is appenticed to Master Wrennin Vae
363.21 – Nodo joins the Artisans
368.17 – Nodo returns from visiting the Iron Knights of Orax, the Shard Opila is initiated into the Jedi Order
369.08 – Nodo finds his crystal at a flea market on Etti IV
369.24 – Nodo returns from visiting the Noitas of Shili, Nodo loses contact with Lehna
370.09 – Nodo returns from visiting Glee Anselm, and the Shakka construction project is cancelled
370.12 – Wrennin Vae becomes one with the force, Nodo becomes a masterless padawaan
370.28 – Nodo is apprenticed to Knight Voh Phaar
372.23 – Nodo returns after being kidnapped and experimented on by Axuul
373.11 – Nodo is inducted into the Circle of Artisans
374.19 – Nodo joins the Archives
374.23 – Nodo completes his lightsaber
374.25 – Nodo recieves a vision from Wrennin Vae
374.28 – Voh Phaar becomes one with the force, Nodo becomes a masterless padawan
375.02 – Nodo is part of the expedition to the uncharted region planet C-17
378.22 – Nodo is knighted by Masters Zakarie Di’Vosk, Cael Dan’kor, Dreshin Bralor and Kadvarr Tirladdik
378.?? – B-53 disappears under mysterious circumstances
379.17 – Nodo returns from Shili, makes an enemy of Sokree
379.20 – Nodo becomes Master Artisan of Rannon
382.01 – Nodo’s father dies of a heart attack en-route back to Glee Anselm
384.18 – Nodo’s takes Estelwen Rha as his Padawan Learner