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Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Metellos

Mentor(s): Cyril Feraan

Species: Chiss

Padawan(s): Eugen Darkrider, Nastajja Arren


Akalenn maintains a diverse skill set and is well-versed in the channelling and manipulation of energy in its various forms. Over the years he has studied and obtained fluency in a vast number of languages.


Akalenn’s linguistic skills are common knowledge. He was stationed on the fleet defending Lvcam from the Chiss Ascendancy and was responsible for giving the order to retreat, subsequently falling back to defend Katan Ahk. He maintains contacts within Coalition Intelligence, although the extent of his association with them is unknown.


Nira’kalen’nuruodo was born to a poor Chiss couple in the Moridebo District of Metellos, a poverty-stricken Core world. His early years were difficult, with his father’s meagre income making it hard to put food on the table.

As he grew older, Akalenn started to steal, naively seeing it as a way to help his family out of their troubles. A nagging feeling of guilt prevented him from taking too much, knowing that his family wasn’t alone in their suffering, but when he was eventually caught his mother was devastated. Aged eight, Akalenn fled into the night, unable to face the consequences of his actions. Despite the odds being heavily stacked against him, Akalenn showed a remarkable will to survive and among the company of other homeless thieves, he scraped an existence for himself.

At aged 14, Akalenn was caught trying to pickpocket a Jedi Knight. Despite calls for him to be punished severely, the Jedi saw the burgeoning Force sensitivity in the Chiss teen and took him to Yavin IV, far from the Core, to be observed as a candidate for training. On 258.18, after a move to a purpose-built facility on Dac, he was initiated into the Order by Master Ctathos Ederoi and begun training with the determination to make up for his past misdeeds.

After a few years training as an Initiate, Akalenn caught the eye of the recently Knighted Cyril Feraan, who took the Chiss teen as his Padawan learner. Under his tutelage, Akalenn matured gradually from a physically and socially awkward boy to a quiet but capable young man. Despite having elected to follow the more academic path, gruelling exercises helped provide the necessary physical skills required for life in the wider galaxy and excursions to the eternal winters of Nelvaan helped hone his survival instinct.

By this time, the Dac Enclave had flooded and its branch of the Jedi Order operated from its ancestral home of Yavin IV. Despite Master Feraan’s unplanned absences, Akalenn’s training continued to gain pace and expanded his skills. He befriended an amnesiac Corellian woman named Johauna Darkrider, and the two soon developed a close friendship, aiding and advising each other through their respective troubles.

Late 267ABY proved particularly challenging for Akalenn, narrowly escaping the kidnapping of Master Feraan and the subsequent destruction of the transport ship the pair had been on, and then the maiming of his friend Sared Kilvan in a training accident. While Master Feraan was returned the following year and Sared, now fitted with a prosthetic eye, held no ill feelings towards Akalenn, it was an unwelcome blow to his confidence that would eventually lead to his Master calling on him to seriously question his future in the Jedi Order. With revived determination, he sought to become a Jedi Knight in mind, in spirit and eventually in title. He later participated in the negotiations between the Klaar and Gazdek tribes of Rhen Vhar, which saw both tribes unify after a short, but bloody conflict. Undaunted by the sudden departure of Master Feraan in late 271ABY, Akalenn was named a Jedi Knight on 272.15.

As a Jedi Knight, Akalenn took over responsibility for teaching Morals, Ethics and Diplomacy as unrest began spreading throughout the Galaxy. With the Galactic Alliance breaking all ties with the Jedi Order and the Mandalorians declaring war for the death of their leader, Akalenn joined his fellow Jedi Knights in holding off the Mandalorian invasion force as Yavin IV was evacuated. The Order moved in secret from planet to planet, eventually settling on Alzoc III. There, Akalenn began the training of his first Padawan, Eugen Darkrider.

With the Chiss Ascendancy making a surprising alliance with the Mandalorians and the repealing of the Galactic Alliance’s ban on Jedi, Akalenn hesitantly enlisted in the reformed Galactic Coalition. He saw his first official engagement with the 027th Naval Division above Lvcam. Recognising that the planet was already lost, Akalenn took command of the ailing fleet and ordered a full retreat. After repairs, the fleet was able to successfully fend off a similar attack on Katan Ahk and he lead the damaged ships back to Bakura for repairs.

Akalenn resumed training his Padawan and teaching class at the newly built Temple on Alzoc III. After some deliberation, he later accepted an offer to act as a consultant with Coalition Intelligence, engaged in classified work to aid the war effort, and in the process leaving behind his Padawan and class. After a nearly two years working out of Coruscant, he obtained leave from his duties and returned to Alzoc III to find Eugen’s training was taken over by fellow Knight Iverian Prey, while Tomoran Serevarno became the new Morals, Ethics and Diplomacy lecturer. More worryingly, he learned that his friend and fellow Chiss Azra’elre’nim had appeared to have defected to the Mandalorians. Upon his return with holocrons and datatapes believed lost when the Temples of Ossus and Dantooine fell to the Mandalorians, Akalenn welcomed back his friend with open arms.

In mid-286 ABY, Akalenn was recruited by Coalition Intelligence for a covert operation inside Chiss space, the first time he had ever ventured into the Ascendancy’s traditional borders. Infiltrating a military facility on Rhigar, he successfully obtained the cure for the Chiss biological weapon used on Bakura and destroyed the laboratory producing it. This was shortly followed by a mission to the planet Tholatin, where Akalenn and Azra’elre’nim were tasked with uncovering a smuggling ring. Both were exposed to toxic chemicals which necessitated blood samples being taken and compared, revealing that the two were biological brothers, much to their confusion.

  • Akalenn took Nastajja Arren as his Padawan Learner on 288.30.