JEDI HoloNet

Niko Inaru


Homeworld: Eshan

Species: Echani


Niko is a bright high spirited boy, although not seemingly interested in the seemingly popular studies of mathematics and science. He test his mind more on the spiritual and physical side of things like his people before him.

Eshan had lived nearly untouched for a century, nothing very interesting had started up until a few years ago. More and more talent now surfaces throughout the galaxy. To be blessed with a talent such as a force sensitive is a mysterious one, one the Inaru clan had to face as they now bore a child with such a gift. Niko, a young growing Echani boy has never realized the gift, as nothing really out of the ordinary occurred. He would train, continue his studies and move on. only after he started to age more and more, would he realize he could cause accidents, Make objects move without touching him, and read his opponent almost to a Master Degree Fighter of his people; yet these strange occurrences where never consistent. Even so, the clan decided Niko was meant for something more than just another citizen of their race. A gift had been given to him, a talent unlike any other. Through years of outsourcing for such places of teaching in the ways of the force, The Family were notified by Jedi of the sort, where Niko would be taken to a temple and train. His goodbyes in his mind seemed to last an eternity, to give up the people who bore him, raised, and taught him; he knew he would take his training with him, never turning back this time; he did as he people, his family, would want him and followed the Jedi.