JEDI HoloNet

Nik Sulor


Homeworld: Glee Anselm

Species: Nautolan


Born 425.01 ABY, Nik was born to a beautiful and loving couple on his himeworld of Glee Anselm. Born to his parents, Porea Sulor and Finar Sulor, he was a playful and inquisitive child. Nik was one who took to his studies in his homeworlds chools with glee and imagination. As a younger child, he often played with other kids in his age range and game up with the funniest of ideas. One fine evening was one such day that he and the other nautolan and anselmi children played. His idea was to make a simple game, not too much unlike Dejarik. It was a simplified version, one using the reeds and wood found naturally in their village. While Nik displayed a ccertain degree of intelligence and emotional empathy to others, he was often distracted, found lost in his own thoughts, daydreaming of other things. The truth is that Nik was simply a child who wondered what stood beyond the breadth of their homeworld, and what lie in wait in the stars. His mother and father were simple farmers for a greater amount of time, nestled in the outer edge of Republic space, and often had stories of the heros therein. Though before even their time, the stories of a great war with bad and evil people crossed the young nautolans ears often. Tales of monks who helped save the world time and time ago, and war heros who stood as a testament so that they could live in peace. Truth be told, Nik was not one encompassed by such glory. Time came to ahead when a wonderer graced their village for a time, the story spun of simply being there on a mission of sorts. Local bandits in a town over, unconcerned with simple farmers. Upon this stepping stone of his journey, the kel dor man cloaked in brown and simple robes stopped when once again Nik stared into the sky and wondered. He felt like there was more. The kel dor man stopped in this town for a day longer, speaking with Nik’s parents. This man turned, of course, to be a Jedi Knight, one who broached the topic of allowing Nik to train and learn of the force. Nik was given the option by his parents not a day later, and with that he was set to find his way to the Jedi Academy.