JEDI HoloNet

Nidus Tal’vo

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Karkaris

Mentor(s): Yyn Zet Ari

Species: Karkarodon


Born to Karkaris, Nidus was raised in the reef as any other child would. There was nothing unusual about the child but his tendancy to be much stronger than the other children and much faster, though it was put down to good genes by his school instructors.

His parents were both no more than a teacher and his father was a pilot tending to transport cargo from nearby systems, something Nidus found very interesting.

Though, eventually it became a myth around his city that he was sent by the gods with unbelievable speed and strength to fight for his people. Authorities caught notion and quickly moved to intervene before he was targeted. Upon doing so, a Jedi was attached to the intervention and as the system’s watchman, choosing to test the child for Force Sensitivity and it came back positive.

After speaking with his parents, Nidus agreed to go with the watchman to join the Jedi Order.