JEDI HoloNet

Nida Amadis

Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Balmorra

Mentor(s): Tou Nanda*

Species: Miraluka

Padawan(s): Darla Xos*


Nida Amadis, a Miraluka, was born on the planet of Balmorra. She and her family had lived on the planet peacefully for six years on a small farm. Her father taught her how to take care of animals, plow fields, and enjoy a minimalist’s life. Nida relished getting her hands dirty and playing with farm animals. It was a rare day, to her mother’s dismay, for the young girl to be clean.

Growing up on a remote farm, Nida didn’t interact with many younglings or people, except when Nida’s father occasionally took her to a nearby city. A day after her seventh birthday, a Jedi Watchman had visited her family’s farm and took the youngling for Jedi training at the Ossus Temple. Her father and mother were honored to have their daughter be trained as a Jedi, and did not make a fuss of her leaving.

The next five years at the Ossus Temple were educational and busy as a Jedi Initiate. The Imperium War had begun, and the Jedi Order needed to produce Jedi willing and ready to fight the Sith Imperium. She learned how to wield a lightsaber, command the Force beyond Force Sight, and studied Jedi philosophy and lore.

After five years of training, she was selected by the Rodian Jedi Artisan Tou Nanda to be his apprentice. The Jedi Knight specialized in lightsaber construction and combat. He taught everything he knew to the aspiring Jedi. The Jedi and Padawan Learner would spend most of their time together fighting against the Sith Imperium. When on leave, Master Nanda would bring Nida back to the Jedi Temple to instruct Padawans in lightsaber combat and construction. This was their routine until the war had ended.

She was promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight when the Imperium War came to a close for her service and dedication to the Light Side, New Galactic Republic, and Jedi Order, in spite of being surrounded by darkness. She took a young Nautolan Padawan, Darla Xos, a cycle after being promoted to Jedi Knight. On a mission to the planet of Rodia, Darla was killed by the infamous Wookiee mercenary “Griffwar”. Nida felt personally responsible and went on a year long hiatus to meditate and find peace with herself. Having returned to the Ossus Temple, she requested to transfer to the Rannon Praxuem, searching for a new start.