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Nico Keztor

Nico Keztor
Jedi Knight - Healer

Homeworld: Coruscant

Mentor(s): Coren Ran

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Athan Marr


Nico has for many years served as Master Healer, having taken the torch from Jedi Master Coren Ran and served such opportunity to dedicate himself to the healing arts and shape his formation even further than what he didn’t already under the once Chief of the Healers of the Jedi Order, his former mentor.

His lightsaber ability conflicts with his tranquil and figure of a Healer; being an active user of Form IV: Ataru ever since his young apprenticeship days.

Last but not least Nico was observed to be quite affined to the core of the known Force abilities and has an extreme pull towards the Light Side of the Force, as expected of a Healer.


Nico Keztor is a historical figure in the Circle of the Healers almost due to how many years he’s been living for, without showcasing an extra year in his appearance, and have been interacting with the circle ever since his younger days.

His efforts, as a Padawan, together with his Padawan Brother Jerex Sol and Master Coren Ran to aid against the once mysterious plague that infected the galaxy through the Imperium War ranged from delivering supplies to have contributed in the development of the cure against the plague.

He’s also remembered to have actively participated in the efforts to free Agamar together with a squadron of Jedi who defined themselves as the Wampa Team.


XXX.13 ABY — Nico Keztor is born.

323.27 ABY — Nico Keztor is found from a Watchman and sent to the Alzoc III enclave as a hopeful candidate to become a Jedi.

324.04 ABY — Nico Keztor is initiated into the Jedi Order.

325.02 ABY — Nico Keztor is promoted to Novice Padawan.

327.29 ABY — Nico Keztor is apprenticed to Coren Ran.

336.26 ABY — Nico Keztor is granted the rank of Jedi Knight. Nico Keztor steps forward as the Head of the Healer Department as Master Healer.

342.12 ABY — Nico Keztor participates in The Battle of Agamar.

370.15 ABY — Nico Keztor departs the Rannon Praxeum and transfers to the Ilum Temple.