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Nico Keztor

Nico Keztor
Jedi Knight - Healer

Homeworld: Coruscant

Mentor(s): Coren Ran

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Athan Marr


Nico Keztor was born at the Republic capital, but early on in his life his family was forced to the Outer Rim world of Tatooine. By age 5, Nico had made an abundance of friends, most of whom spoke Huttese. As a result, Galactic Basic became something of a second language to young Nico. It was also at this age that Nico’s brother developed a devastating virus. Nico’s time enjoying sports with his friends was cut short by trips with his mother to purchase medicine. Tragically, Nico and his mother came home one blisteringly hot afternoon to find his father grieving, and his brother dead.

Nico’s brother had been something of a mentor to Nico, who’d explained all the rules of the games he’d played with his friends, and encouraged him to be the best at everything. For the year that followed, Nico became less social with his group of friends. Very often he would return to the site of his brother’s burial.

By the time Nico’s sixth birthday came around, Nico had begun re-developing his former, sunnier disposition. Martial arts became a regular outlet for his love for sport. Despite his age, Nico was focused and attentive in his lessons. By age 7, Nico was forced to say goodbye to all of the friends he had made in the Outer Rim. His father had been lucky, and was able to resolve the family’s crisis and relocate them back to the heart of the Republic.

When they returned however, things became far from perfect. A notorious criminal by the name of Besh Herf made rounds for collection. The demands were harsh, and the family was threatened with violence if they refused to co-operate. The stress, hand in hand with a whole new way of life to adapt to and a longing for all of his old friends began to show. It was on the way home that this look was caught by a passing figure. He dropped to one knee, and spoke to Nico. Without his brother nor his old friends, Nico had longed for someone to talk to. He told the figure everything, walking home in his company.

To his surprise, the figure remained at his home, talking with both of Nico’s parents. He stayed the night and Nico slept in an odd sense of safety. When Besh Herf arrived with a crash on the door, the figure answered. Nico watched with wide eyes from behind the furniture. The man revealed himself to be extraordinary, wielding a dazzlingly bright beam of light, and entrapping the Besh Herf as he tried to escape.

The neighborhood celebrated, but Nico’s parents met privately with the Jedi. The outcome brought Nico to Alzoc III, where he hoped to prove himself a worthy candidate to become a Jedi Knight.