JEDI HoloNet

Neyl Schin’zar


Homeworld: Zelos II

Species: Selkath


Neyl Schin’Zar was born on the northern continent of Zelos II. He was just 2 years old when his parents succumbed to the malicious virus set forth by the Imperium. Born from Manaan immigrants onto Zelos II, the young Selkath, (whom possesses no recollection of his original family nor any true curiosity) was raised by foster parents whom’s natural occupation of Horticulture, tending to the various poisonous fertilizer plants surrounding Kryndyn, had become a small stepping stone in rebuilding the stricken galaxy. Due to this, Neyl spent much of his youth learning the ways of living off of the land with his Zelosian family, and respecting all that life adopts and inhabits. His gentle nature was founded through this upbringing. Though he was brought up by a primarily basic species, the people of Krynden and Tolk were natives, and spoke an ancient language. Neyl spent much of his free time learning of his own culture, and could partially speak in both Krynden and the Native tongue quite respectfully, with hiccups as he adjusted to their odd Syntax’. As a gift from his Foster grandfather, he received an old Translator, with at least 100 different voice modules. He always went with the “Protocol Butler” voice, as it made him feel more comfortable and sophisticated. Though his feet were on the ground, his eyes were always planted toward the stars. Neyl had a strong affinity for piloting that he developed through general interest itself, but with his occupation having to lean toward Horticulture, his passion for space and piloting cruisers would become a secondary hobby for the rest of his life…

His life began to change radically as the conflict between the Jedi Order and the Imperium was climbing toward it’s climax. The Force began calling to him one night as a fertilizing belt came unhinged. It whipped around like a violent cobra, striking all who came in it’s vicinity. Neyl, who was collecting Oll Minerals for the Vape Docks, was caught directly in the middle of all of it. Amid the chaos, right before the belt came around to strike him, it stopped. Mere inches away from his hand, it froze in the air. Everyone crowded around to see the display of power. Neyl eventually lost his focus, and was struck across the room by the machine. Out cold, it took another hour until the belt’s core died and they could tend to any damages.

As he grew to the stout age of 7, his people became stricken with an all too familiar branch of the virus. As a security precaution, they moved onward out of the capital to live among the quiet peoples of Tolk. It was there they lived rather comfortably under the protection of the 10-meter tall city walls. But a year later, the entire continent of Galleros became stricken with poverty. Many small family friends across Kryndyn and Tolk began leaving for the Core. There was a ceremony held for their goodbyes on a small island south of Bryndas: Ollzikk. many of Neyl’s relatives traveled from Nul to attend the tragic occasion. Hollook (his Foster Father) assured his son that they would not have to leave, but after a few more hard months that changed. Eventually they were capable of leaving the economically-failing continent and start anew. In the weeks of them leading up to arranging their leave, Hollook noticed the presence of the Force faintly hidden away in his son, and after much conflict with his wife, they decided to part with him on Ilum during their travels. He there was entrusted by an old Rodian of the Republic Militia to be safely received to the Praxeum of the Jedi on Rannon. Neyl nearly resented this choice, but knew that it was justified. Even when he turned 9, he hadn’t really emotionally moved on from their decisions. Filled with more confusion and unrest than despair or apathy, he traveled to the Praxeum to begin his training. He has no clue what the Jedi actually are, but their presence are undeniable now. He has to move forward.