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Nero Uzuhi


Homeworld: Eshan

Species: Echani


Before the years of the war, born into the Uzuhi clan as the fourth and youngest boy of six siblings was Nero Uzuhi. Like many clans of Eshan, some were more capable of producing soldiers than others. The top warrior breeds, those who have known to be tall and fit as an ideal soldier. Nero’s family was not as large as others in his clan or neighboring clans who bordered the lakes or took refuge in the mountains. Life with Nero was more easy than many others have had it. His training was a bit lighter, focusing on teaching him things in a calmer brisk pace. However it was not in Nero’s own interest to ever slow down. Even without the harsh training he’s heard others endure, or the long hours of study, he always seemed to manage things on his own. During hours of rest he would continue on, pushing his body to a near exhausting point until either one of his siblings or parents stepped in to calm him down. Something deep down took the idea of being a perfectionist to close to heart, so much he’d go against his set training regiment to try and implement his own strenuous version. Besides his training there was also his studies. However most have been aligned to things like math and computer sciences; he’s also taken a hobby to smith-ing, usually going to the forgery to see the craftsmen at there job to create the light vibroblade. For now he was happy, knowing he could bring honor to the name of his family by striving to be the best of his clan and becoming a great general.

Later on as years passed by, around his ninth birthday after have gone through his clans trial of the wolf… many of the republic had arrived on planet to help out as well as recruit Echani soldiers for the cause of fighting off the Imperium. However Jedi seemed to also accompany the Republic troops. From curiosity, Nero seemed to want to get closer to the Jedi. He had heard stories about them…about their weapon. He wanted to truly see what a lightsaber was. He only got so close from sneaking before the Jedi he was stealthily approaching upon turned around to ask the question “Curious aren’t you?” He froze a bit, before standing tall and nodding, asking if he could see the fabled weapon. The Jedi looked over at Nero curiously, but eventually handed him the inactive hilt. It was lighter than he had imagined, yet elegant like the crafts work of the Echani forgers. Nero received a pat on the head from the kind Jedi who soon asked if he could take him to his home. Nero of course thought nothing of it and did so. Upon going home he would run off to play with his older siblings, which of course meant sparring. The Jedi seemed to disappear into his home, only to arrive outside later and call a pause to the child’s fun. He asked Nero a set of questions about what he would do with talent. “I would explore it of course, otherwise I can’t be a perfect warrior.” The Jedi seemed to chuckle at his words as the conversation went on. Soon Nero was asked if he would leave home to explore such talents, if the strive to be perfect was that strong. Nero had replied with “As long as my family is okay, and I bring honor to them, I would leave.” After that, Nero was asked to come with him to Ossus to become a Jedi. A Jedi, it still wasn’t well known to Nero what they exactly were; all he knew is that Jedi were great warriors who fought alongside Echani in ancient times… he thought they were on the same par of respect as the Mandalorians because of that. Of course he realized the Jedi had already conversed with his parents about it as well, and soon agreed to leave. Packing and saying his goodbyes had quietly saddened him. He was truly going to miss his family.

Flying now to Ossus, Nero wondered what it was the Jedi saw in him, and why he was so special out the rest of his clan. Nothing he’s really done seemed to be like he heard in the stories of the Jedi, but he soon chalked it up to a ‘whatever’. He’d shrug things off and get well acquainted with the mildly crowded temple. He of course felt utter boredom for the first month of waiting around and doing nothing but talking and making friends. No one even seemed to know a whole lot about Echani culture either. There was a few others around who he knew to be Echani, but the never seemed to be around all the time or were always busy. No one had a lot of time to give to him he guessed. He only really shrugged it off and tried teaching his new friends about sparring. He didn’t really want to brag about it at first, though he sort of got a sense of cockiness when he’d beat his friends and they’d give him praise. Nero would feel as though he’d make a great Jedi warrior.

Upon initiation to the Order of the Jedi, Nero was elated, finally able to have a saber of his own. Turning it on, it was one of a blue hue, though he had wondered how long it would be till he can change the color like all the other people higher up. Asking a young Knight who just finished teaching a group of students in the art of Shii-cho, including Nero, he’d find out that Jedi make their own lightsabers at some point, and that each branch seemed to have their own idea of when that was an appropriate time to do so. He was eager to make his own, but wanted to come off relaxed… he was only just initiated, and wanted to make a good impression. “When will I make mine?” Nero asked. “Soon, give it a couple of years…” The Knight would nod off, dismissing the child from the lesson. All Nero could think about was the future, learning what it all meant to be a Jedi. About a year in he seemed quite relaxed with his saber for now, even feeling a sense of that same cockiness when he was able to deflect bolts unlike others. Though that was mostly cause of his precognitive thought in battle situations; not to mention he had a lot of practice with his remotes while he was alone and others seemed to be asleep.

Once he was all settled in, Nero started learning more about the force. More so in terms of all its theories; all it did was excite him to know what was possible was practically infinite. Moving objects without touching them? Making yourself stronger? All these things in more ran in his head. However when it came to the time of learning his first lesson, the most important besides meditation, he got no where in terms of Prima Vitae. He felt confused, frustrated even at this point… to be so quick to learn, so cocky up till this point, so sure of himself he’d be a great Jedi and not even be able to learn something as simple as feeling the force… it messed with him. He tried and tried on his own and in private sessions, but it got no where. Many Knights had advocated long term mediation sessions, but it did not seem to work; Nero wouldn’t listen to them. He thought their advice would only slow his process to truly learning. He was to stubborn to slow down at this point.

Up until his twelfth birthday, it became apparent Nero needed more help than Ossus could offer. Eventually they decided Nero should move soon, to receive better training. He pretended to be non-phased, shrugging it off as their loss for not wanting him around. Really it hurt him. He never really got to know the Jedi who found him and brought him to Ossus, and he knew he’d have to leave his new friends, just like he did his family. Though with one stubborn thought of the idea of being a perfectionist drilled into his head, he felt it was better he’d move on. This was the time he thought it was right to take the Masters advice, they spoke to him, and promised him that this journey will complete his training and lead him to his ultimate goal. Nero now makes his way to Rannon, with the dream of becoming the best he can and then some.