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Neb Ka’zels


Homeworld: Bespin

Species: Ithorian


Neb is a young ithorian, mostly raised by a small, old group of worshippers of Mother Jungle on Ithor. His family is from Bespin – they are engineers responsible for some of the floating cities there. One time they visited the restored part of Ithor, Neb showed great interest and talent in understanding the ancient religion of ithorians. Soon, he was living with other young ithorians at the temple. They all were raised as if they were meant to be the next generation of priests on their home planet.

He had a joyful time there – he took care of the garden, he made some friends, and even developed a great relationship with one of his mentors, Vonnuvi. She always told and even sang stories to the young ones, usually about distant lands, old ages, Ithor, and Mother Jungle. Neb and the others were amazed by these legends. They were provided with any goods, they had access to ancient ithorian relics, texts, art pieces, and all these sorts of things. They were meant to examine them – and the priests were answering their questions willingly.

Neb enjoyed being there with his friends – and he was very much interested in the history of Ithor as well. However, the knowledge came at a cost: they were locked down from the outer world – the only two places Neb knows anything about are Bespin and Ithor.

Some of his student mates left, as they grew older, and some were taken out by their parents to do something more “useful”, but Neb stayed there for years. And by the time he was 11, he noticed that Vonnuvi became less and less passionate, and her stories faded away as time went by.

One day, when she became the last adult priest in that particular temple, Neb asked her why are others leaving the community. Vonnuvi then told him the last story of Ithor: ever since the planet became burnout and bleak, there is a small number of priests, who proclaim that Ithor will once be fruitful again.

She told him, that the temple’s leaders were such people. But this is a message which is hard to have faith in – in a galaxy, where everyone wants to forget their pasts, and go forward. There are only a few, who still seek to see the whole picture.

When Neb asked her who are these people, Vonnuvi told him about the Jedi, who may seem to not know Mother Jungle, but they know the Force – which is even greater. Vonnuvi told him that she can send him to the Jedi Temple – there is no more reason for him to stay at Ithor.

Neb was hesitating because he loved Vonnuvi, but finally accepted her offer – he made a promise to visit Ithor in the future and thanked Vonnuvi for all the help she gave him through the years. And that’s how he got here, with the help of a few friends.

At the temple, Neb’s journey started quite slowly. He always worried about fitting in, making the right decisions and practices, and the thing that kept him there was the warm, welcoming love of the Jedi Students & Masters he met here. He made great friends and learned a lot about himself and the world surrounding them.
When he finally got initiated, he showed a great interest in meditation, but couldn’t learn how to use his lightsaber.

One morning, he received a message from home, asking for his urgent return. He hesitated for a while, but in the end, he said farewell to everyone, and no one has seen him ever since.
If someone might end up learning about the present times of the Temple of Ithor, they could very easily find out that Vonnuvi has passed away, and Neb continued his studies there. He is in the process of becoming a priest, but he has continued to learn about the Force as well. Some say, he’s more of a thinker, and there is always something for him to worry about – usually it’s about the big whys the becauses of all. Some might not expect him to really become a priest, but others see him more as a bridge between the ithorian religion and galactic secularism, with a sprinkle of the Jedi.

But all agree that he’s happy.