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Homeworld: Naboo

Species: Miraluka


Out in the Chommell sector of the mid-rim there was the planet Naboo and on that planet lived countless of families, but there were also the ones without, and that is how the baby Miraluka’s story begins; in an orphanage, in the center of the poor neighborhoods of the city of Keren. She was found in one of the cradles with no name to remember her by, only a piece of cloth worn around her head which hid her eyes, or rather lack of; which came as quite a surprise to the nurses.

Nonetheless, she grew up in that orphanage alongside so many other children and earned herself a few witty nicknames from her peers as time went by because she always was wearing her blindfold which eventually had a worn-out look and she seemed to stumble on most things other people with sight could walk past. The Miraluka wasn’t very happy to live in that orphanage, in fact she had to learn to fend for herself; that is until she demonstrated signs of force-sensitivity, which attracted a watchman from the Jedi Order.

The watchman in question was a tall intimidating Zabrak and presented himself to the now 8 year-old Miraluka. She was stunned, much like the other residents of the orphanage; but not for the same reason. What the others saw wasn’t much in comparison to the Miraluka, for once she felt she could truly see when the Jedi started talking, that huge ray of light in front of her was not part of her imagination. All the time they were talking, she was in awe, and it didn’t take much convincing for her to leave the orphanage with the Zabrak Jedi, and when she did and they boarded the Jedi’s ship on their way to the Bacrana outpost, she was given a name of much significance.


A happier child, Nath, now a nine year old Miraluka, originally an orphan from Naboo, has become initiated into the Jedi Order and begins her transfer from the Bacrana facilities to the Rannon praxeum, to hopefully live on with a family she can call her own.