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Nastajja Arren

Nastajja Arren
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: The Vortex, a traveling ship.

Mentor(s): Nira'kalen'nuruodo, Jared Quell

Species: Ryn

Padawan(s): Kantha Maitri


Nastajja’s birth was not an easy one for her mother, lasting long hours and putting much strain on her body. Unfortunately, she did not survive the birth, but left behind a healthy child. Healthy except for one major defect: Nastajja was born without a tail.

The target of much scorn over things out of her control, Nastajja grew up as the ‘Blestemat Unul’, the Cursed One. The death of her mother in birth and her physical defect marked her as unlucky, something to be wary of. Out of respect for what her mother would have wanted she was kept with her clan, but at arms length. She traveled with them as she grew up, learning the tricks of their trade. She learned to dance, to sing, to play music and barter. She learned how to steal what she needed, to sneak, and to travel across the Galaxy and remain out of sight.

Nastajja’s life lead on this way until her eighth year. While out on an errand to steal food from a shop near their camp, she was seen and chased. Being a child, she ran back to her camp, unknowingly leading the shopkeeper to her clans location. The camp was soon raided by thieves and slavers, the clan losing a quarter of their members before escaping. Once safe, a meeting was held and a unanimous decision was made to cast Nastajja out. She was too unlucky, and would only bring more misfortune down upon them. She was given a satchel of food, a water canteen, and her mother’s mandoviol before being left at the planets spaceport to make her own way.

Despite her age, Nastajja managed to fumble her way into getting transport. Knowing nothing else, she continued the way of life she had always known: stealing what she needed, bartering for what she could, and traveling by stowing away. In her travels she faced many hardships. She evaded slavers, lost supplies to thieves and thugs, and endured the weather living on the streets of many planets.

Managing this way until her fourteenth year, Nastajja’s fortune took a turn for the better. Finding herself on Druckenwell and struggling for food and shelter, she spied a ship she had never seen before at the local starport. Drawn to it’s design, she moved closer to get a better view. It was then that she noticed all the loading crates. Hunger getting the better of her she pried one open and loaded up her weather-beaten satchel. Distracted by thought of a full stomach she was caught off guard when a clawed hand clamped down on her shoulder. In a panic she pried herself free, dropping her things and dashing into the dark alleyways of the city. Every way she turned, however, a tall figure was there in the shadows, waiting for her. As she took more and more paths, it felt to her like there was an army of them, all after her. Turning into a dead end, she backed into the corner, bursting into tears, fearful of what would come next. In the shadows she could see only the glimmer of the persons claws. She closed her eyes, waiting for her end, but as the moments passed it never came. She opened her eyes to see a tall, reptilian woman standing over her, a curious but smiling expression on her face, her hand outstretched.

This moment marked the beginning of Nastajja’s new life aboard The Vortex, a traveling vessel home to many children and teens much like herself. Some had been in hard times, others abandoned, all taken in by the reptilian woman and what Nastajja assumed to be her sister. All that was asked in return for this home was that everyone help out in some way, be it caring for others, cooking the meals, or cleaning. In time, Nastajja grew to love her new home, though she always remembered what she was. The Cursed One. She kept her distance, not wanting to bring bad luck on her shipmates, but could not avoid spending time with the two sisters. She eventually befriended two of the other teens aboard the ship, an outcast by the name of Yasmae and a brilliant young boy named Wikta. Together the trio spearheaded the young populace and became the Exan Sister’s right-hand group. Wanting to help out even more, Nastajja offered to take on more responsibilities, eventually helping out by carrying packages for delivery runs.

Nastajja’s last run was a request to deliver a package to a Mr. Sai Akiada on the planet Alzoc III. Due to the cold, the ship had to be set down a short distance from the large complex where the package was to be delivered. Drawing the short straw, Nastajja was sent out through the snow to get the package to its location. Shortly after delivering the package she received a message that the ship needed some repair due to the weather conditions, and that she was to wait in the complex until they were completed. After that she lost all contact with the ship, only to discover later that she had been purposely left behind via instructions from her caregiver, Syrena Exan.

It took a long time for Nastajja to come to terms with her new situation. She searched desperately for a way off Alzoc III, but always missing chances to stow away. Over time Nastajja was introduced to the Force and it’s place in her potential new life. She also built friendships, most notably with Amoné Fayden, the daughter of a former Jedi who had known Nastajja’s caregiver many years before. As she grew to accept the Jedi, the Council began to take notice. They soon initiated her into the order, and though she spent a long time training on her own, she eventually gained her first Master, Nira’kalen’nuruodo. Their training progressed slowly, and then came to a full halt as tragedy struck. While on a visit to the Alzoc III Capital with Sai Akiada and her Master she was struck from behind and carried off during a moment away from the two knights.

For the next two years Nastajja endured medical torture and experimentation while in captivity, the prize specimen of the crazed Kel Dor scientist Akala. Time for the Ryn became non-existent as she passed in and out of various chemical stupors. Nira’kalen’nuruodo struggled to find her until an anonymous lead was passed his way. Rushing out to follow up, he found the complex Nastajja was housed in already in disarray. He quickly rescued her and brought her back to the temple.

Emaciated, bruised, and infected, Nastajja spent nearly a quarter year in the medbay recovering. Though she healed outwardly, the internal effects took longer to manifest. Over time, Nastajja developed a growth, one which eventually showed itself to be her missing tail. The genetic experiments she’d endured had somehow corrected her birth defect.

Moving on through her life and trying to put her difficult past behind her, Nastajja continued training. A mostly absent Nira’kalen’nuruodo disappeared entirely, and she was transferred to Jared Quell, the very same man who had trained her caretaker from the Vortex. While she gained some valuable knowledge from him, his time was more limited that it had been years prior. In the end, Nastajja became masterless, continuing on alone.

On one routine trip to Alzoc III’s capital, Nastajja overheard a strange conversation between a Kel Dor and a child. Trusting her sense that something was amiss, she followed the pair. At the end of their trail she found the very same scientist who has taken her all those years ago, about to do the same to the young child. Confronting them, she saved the youngling and refrained from exacting revenge on Akala. Their battle took its toll on his aging heart however, and he died at her feet.

Upon returning to the Enclave and reporting the event to the Council, the decision was made to knight Nastajja as she had shown strength and spirit despite the harsh timeline of events the Galaxy has handed her. Soon after, Nastajja took Kantha Maitri as her first apprentice. Though pocketed with absence due to her poor health, her time with Kantha was good. They got on well, and she cared for him deeply. Their time together was brought to an end though, a coma-inducing injury leaving Nastajja in the care of Lamoramora MedCenter on Coruscant, where she currently remains.