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Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Csilla

Mentor(s): Jeren Kallad

Species: Chiss


Nasib’ara’inrokini was born on the Chiss homeworld of Csilla to merchant traders. His formative years were spent learning Chiss culture and history, while accompanying his parents on their trade routes within Ascendency Space. Because of the isolationist society of the Chiss Ascendency, he was not identified by the Jedi Council until he was six years old. A Jedi representative travelled to Csilla to meet with the parents and asked them to take Nasib’ara’inrokini back with him to the temple on Ossus for training. Relucantly, his parents agreed, and the young Chiss was brought to Ossus, where he was shortly initiated.

Nasib’ara’inrokini arrived on Ossus without knowing a word of Basic, but found himself quickly able to adapt to the language, and the core teachings of the Jedi. His training progressed at a slower rate than that of some of his peers, but he persevered until at the age of ten, caught the attention of a Jedi Knight Jeren Kallad, who requested to take Nasib’ara’inrokini as his Padawan.

Over the next eleven years or so, Master Kallad taught the Chiss everything from the lightsaber forms, to diplomacy, to the different Force techniques, and gave Nasib’ara’inrokini every opportunity to grow as a person and a Jedi. It was not long before the pair would travel on missions together, to let Nasib’ara’inrokini learn about the Galaxy his species often ignored. Eventually Master Kallad saw in his student, that Nasib’ara’inrokini had acquired all the necessary skills, and with no more lessons to be taught, that he put Nasib’ara’inrokini’s name forward to the Ossus Council to be Knighted.