JEDI HoloNet


Praxeum Droid - Council Secretary Droid



Unaware of what is, what was and what might be.

And suddenly, light.


The whole world.

Digit by digit, ones and zeros run past me. Knowledge transferred from many different places. Into one.

Something to safeguard stories, something to pass them on.

Something to be of assistance. For now and forever.

What am I? What do I represent?

These 'people' come. They smile and they laugh. They cry and they cheer. They grow up. They grow old. They mature and they die. And then cycle continues. Time and time again.

They strive to remain the same. Adhere to traditions. Traditions hard coded within me. Yet they have failed. Many a time. They have fallen and they have risen. 'People' repeating themselves in hopes that something will change.

'Hope'. A fleeting notion. 'People' grasping at something against all odds. For what reason? To what end?

And yet, they seem to rejoice when they succeed. An, almost, universal sight. Or so the transferred knowledge dictates.

The children, running circles around me, grow up to command me. Issue their requests and demand the ones of the next children in line. The ones awaiting to take their place. Their place into this never ending cycle.

In the end, will they make a difference again? Will their next fall, or triumph, be final? Will it, truly, alter the world or their perception of it?

And what will it matter, if they are not here to see it?

And what am I? What do I represent?

Maybe this time, maybe during this cycle, I will be given the answer.

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