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Murin Al’ketch


Homeworld: Arkania

Species: Arkanian


Murin Al’ketch was born into a mining family. Her parents were a working family of Arkanians working between the local mining companies.

From the start, Murin wanted to be something special and do something more ‘unique’ than simply mining. She wanted to prove to her family that they can all be much more than that but, with few prospects, she assisted her family as best she could at her age. Accompanying her parents to work one day the ship they were traveling on experienced a malfunction, going down in the plains of snow and ice that cover the planet.

Later, when she had regained consciousness, it was revealed that her parents had both perished in the crash and, accompanying the few survivors, went with them to the camp they were establishing nearby.

After a few short hours, two Jedi arrived looking for survivors, having picked up the ship’s transponder. Being taken to the nearest medical center, Murin’s sensitivity to the Force became apparent during what tests were performed. With no known family at this point to speak of, the Jedi offered to take Murin with them, offering her both the chance of a new family and also the chance at a better future than what she may get remaining on Arkania. She accepted, knowing that her parents would be proud of their daughter, honoring them in her legacy.