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Munro Olar

Munro Olar
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Kesh

Mentor(s): Des Anaro, Azra'elre'nim

Species: Keshiri


“Ah, it’s a healthy young boy. Munro is the name you wish for him, correct?”

Munro was one of three children and the youngest, unlike his older siblings he was known to show his emotional much more openly, his skin changing colour to match his emotions, some wondered what his actual skin colour was, as his emotional state often changed quickly. Though the family did not mind, his father; Izra Olar was always proud of this, he was glad to have a son which felt the way he did about events and the occurrences which happened in his life, he saw conviction that would make Munro a great man one day, once his emotions were calmed and kept at bay. Munro was notably more indulgent when it comes to learning, he wanted to excel and become something more than a simple farmer, he wanted to help his people on a grand scale but he was proud of his heritage and the work his father did.

The Olar family were close friends to the Jedi Watcher of Kesh, the Jedi Watcher presence was there to ensure the teachings of the Sith did not return to the planet, the Jedi Watcher would often visit the planet to pick out possible candidates for the Order and if the families wished for their children to join the Jedi Order.

Arrival of the Jedi

It was Munro’s birthday, his twelfth birthday to be completely exact. The family had relatives from all over Alanciar visit the boy and wish him a happy birthday, he had a name day earlier in this year but this was his most important birthday, as it would be the day that he would leave Kesh for a greater calling. The Jedi Watcher’s shuttle touched down near the family’s farm in a designated area made by Izra, the Watcher would slowly approach the farm, and many were unaware of the Jedi’s arrival as they were indoors, celebrating Munro’s birthday. Izra however, was not there but outside to greet the Jedi, once he saw the robes and the pointed ears of the Jedi, a smile filled with glee formed along his lips, he ran and wrapped his arms around the Jedi, who was notably shorter than he was.

“Master Jedi Fariel! It’s been a long time my old friend!” He chuckled loudly, Farial, whom was the Jedi Watcher was stoic for a few moments but slowly returned the hug in good will and as a friendly gesture to her old friend. “I’d have expected you be grey by now, time treats you well.” Farial smiled and was released by the tall Keshiri, Izra was rather muscular and broad, the work on the farms had made him a rather powerful fellow physically.

“I’m not even forty yet! I should be expecting the ‘greys’ soon but not at the moment. I’m glad you came; I wish to speak to you about my young lad. Munro Olar. Do you remember him?” Iza tilted his head with a grin; Farial stood for a few moments in thought and then nodded her head. “Yes I remember, he must be all grown up now. Last I saw of him, he was crawling about on all fours whilst you and I were out and about searching for bandits.” Izra’s grin grew wider as he recalls the moment while Farial remained rather neutral but Izra expected such from a Jedi. “Good times – But yes, well, I was hoping you would speak to him and hopefully take him with you.” One of Farial’s brows arched inquistively “We usually take force-sensitive children with us to Coruscant, then distribute them among the many enclaves; the closest is Alzoc 3 for your kind. Have you noticed anything out of the ordinary?” Izra shrugged and looked back at the house for a few moments, hiding the worry on his face from the Jedi before turning back with a smile. “His mood changes easily, sometimes his happy but can quickly change when something isn’t right in the home, he’s more quiet than my older children, Vharik and Alesia, he’s rather unique I do believe he is what you say he might be, force-sensitive but I worry for him, you know of our history with the Destructors and the Dark Ones.” The stories of the Dark Ones and the Destructors became nothing but history, myth and legends to the Keshiri since the destruction of the two entities but the people of Keshiri, they were fearful of the Destructors return. Farial cleared her throat “You should not worry my old friend, the Jedi have dealt with these dark ones and I have not sensed the return of them, do not worry for your family but if you believe your son might be able to join our ranks, I can’t turn you down, our ranks have not quite been the same since the wars with the Chiss. I will sit with the boy alone and evaluate him.” Izra looked at Farial with a weak smile and placed a hand on her shoulder, showing his appreciation “Thank you Farial.”

Farial was present for the birthday party, Munro’s family and other relatives were distant from her, she was an outsider so this was normal for the people on Kesh but Munro and Izra seemed calmed by her presence. As the party came to an end, Farial took the young Keshiri boy to the woods where she landed her ship, Izra trailed behind them but not close enough for Munro to be aware of his father’s presence. Munro was fearful; he wasn’t a fan of strangers, especially when with them somewhere like the woods.

“Don’t be fearful, young Munro; your emotions speak as loudly as your words, although the fluctuation in your skin tone makes this easier. Sit young one, I assure you I wish no harm to you.” Farial did her best to assure the young boy, tapping into the force to calm his nerves but with just her words and her emotions, Munro calmed and sat himself on top of a log. “My father told me tales about your kind, the Jedi, he likes you a lot.” Munro’s voice trembled but his skin tone was changing back to his native purple, Farial chuckled and nodded “I guess he does, we have known each for a long time. Now tell me, young Olar, why do you think you are here with me?” Munro’s lips twitched and shrugged “I-I… Don’t know, I only know the tales of your bravery and skill.” Farial smiled and sat down beside the young Keshiri. “I believe your father might have exaggerated some points, your father is just as brave. But to explain my presence here, your father asked me to speak with you, he noticed your emotions can change like the wind but more noticeably when you are around others but I feel you are calm much like myself.” Munro turned and faced her “You don’t seem happy or sad, you seem calm it’s nice, my brother and sister can be a bit mean sometimes and don’t always feel happy, they get angry and sad, it doesn’t feel too nice.” Farial nodded and took note; she took a device from her robe. “I’m going to take a blood sample, it won’t hurt, I can promise you that.” Munro seemed hesitant but allowed the Jedi to roll up his sleeve and take a sample of his blood, he winced once the device punctured his skin, as Farial moved the device she placed a piece of tissue over the puncture. “Hold it there until the bleeding stops.” Farial looked at the device for its reading then nodded once as confirmation. “All done, you seem to have an aptitude for the force, you’re father tells me you’re an eager learner even though your emotions sometimes overwhelm you but it shouldn’t be a problem, the order can temper those emotions and your abilities.” Munro looked down, confused by what she was saying “What do you mean that the Order can do stuff about my feelings?” Farial turned her head down the path the two had travelled, sensing Izra’s close proximity. “Your father has asked me to take into the Jedi Order, even just to test you further; he believes you could succeed away from Kesh and with the Jedi Order. Do you wish to a Jedi?” Munro frowned, his tone changing to a dark purple. “I’d love to but I can’t leave my father, mother passed last winter and he needs help with the farm-” Izra spoke up half way through, his heavy footsteps crackling along the path. “Don’t be so silly Munro, I know that you would like to leave here one day and this is your time, your brother and sister can keep the farm, you’re young, take this opportunity.” Munro thought long and hard, he gazed into his father’s face as Izra knelt down in front of the boy, he pondered a life without his family but he saw that the Jedi Order would be a potentially new beginning. “I’ll go papa, for you and for mother.” Munro began to sob, tears streamed down his face, Izra himself got emotional with teary eyes, he patted his son on the back with a smile. Munro and Izra hugged, the two were emotional, and Munro was more like Izra than Vharik was. “Then the decision is made, say your goodbyes young Olar, I will be waiting at the ship.” Farial left the two and wondered back to the ship, Munro and Izra made their back to the house to share the news.

Departure from Old to New

Munro Olar said his farewells to his family and most importantly his father, who had been his idol since the day he could talk. The two talked for an hour before leaving, Munro vowing to return one day to see how the farm and his father once more. Izra took the promise but knew that the promise could be kept, he knew of the restrictions that the Jedi had, it would be unlikely that Munro would step foot onto Kesh again but this warmed Izra’s heart.

Munro departed with the Jedi Watcher Farial for a new beginning, their star ship humming as it took off and launched into the sky, with his father watching from below.