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Moza Ferorn

Moza Ferorn
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Borao

Mentor(s): Gabe Alkorda

Species: Ithorian

Padawan(s): Valon Rachius, Li Andru


Moza is an intelligent young Ithorian with immense potential. He is always eager to learn, but also knows his place within the Order, and maintains his post with utmost humility and dignity.


The Ithorian, Moza Ferorn was born on the planet Borao on 241.25ABY in the Inner Rim Territories. Many generations of Moza’s herd were born here. However, his herd developed on the planet Ithor. Ithorians were cast away from the planet during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Now, Ithor is nothing but a dead planet.
Moza’s early childhood was different from that of others in his herd. When Moza was about the age of three he was starting to be taught basic studies. He was taught simple Ithorian customs such as meditation techniques and rituals. Moza was also taught to speak very fluent Basic. By the age of seven the clan’s Elders knew that Moza had great academic potential.

Almost every Ithorian was force-sensitive including Moza. One day, Moza was meditating in the atrium of his hardship, when his Father came in a told him that his mother had passed away the previous night. She had consumed a rare disease and had died. Overcome with grief, Moza released a deafening bellow from his throats. His herdsmen were concerned for the young Ithorian, so Moza was encouraged to have an audience with the herd’s Council of Elders. The elders called a brief meeting to decide Moza’s future.
The clan’s Elders concluded that Moza had before a Force technique called “Force Bellow”, a strong power that only Ithorians were capable of performing. Ithorians are well known for their connections to the Force. They told him that Moza’s connection to the Force was stronger than many Ithorians. The Elders met in private and decided that Moza had the potential to become a Jedi. Moza had only heard stories of the Jedi, but he knew they were respectable and honorable. Due to his academic and Force potential the Elders sent Moza, at the age of nine, to seek out and be trained by the Jedi. Moza accepted the Elder’s decision, knowing he would have to leave behind his Herd, family, and friends. He knew he had a hard yet worth while future. Moza took a public transport to the planet Yavin IV. Here he traveled through cities until he was directed into a forest where he found the Jedi temple.

When Moza arrived, he was greeted warmly. He was taken in and cared for by the members at the Temple. He became acquainted with many of the students and Knights, attending classes, and doing some minor personal studies. Moza revealed that he wished to become a Jedi, and after about a month and a half of being a “hopeful”, Moza was initiated into the Order on 253.13.

Moza’s first years of training consisted of an assortment of lessons and classes on a variety of subjects. Among these were telekinesis, Force Healing, telepathy, sensing through the Force, and the lightsaber arts. Moza excelled at most of these topics and was a very motivated student. He trained beside many of his peers and friends, watching himself and those around him grow as individuals. Moza had his goals set high, and excelled if he put his mind to the task. After a few years, Moza contemplated his personal goals and what he wished to become when he reached knighthood. Many options were and still are open to him. He thought of being a Jedi Healer among many other things, and he focused on the profession for a few years. However, over time, his views changed, and still contemplates what he wishes to do to this day.

Studying is a regular aspect of Moza’s training. He finds studying the history and the different cultures of the galaxy fascinating and has even considered being a history teacher at the temple. He was upset with the passing of Master Spera Elusido, for he was the temple’s history scholar. Ever since Master Elusido’s class, Moza has thought and studied about history.

About half way through his stage as an initiate, the Council announced that the Order was moving to a specially designed temple on Mon Calamari. The feelings of leaving Yavin were hard to bear. Moza loved it there. He loves the forests, the vegetation, the wildlife. On Mon Calamari, he knew he would come to miss all of this, and he did. After the move, Moza spent a few more years as an initiate. On 258.13, Jedi Master Gabe Alkorda, who had just recently returned to the Order, took Moza as a Padawan Learner.

Together, they enhanced Moza’s skills in all subjects and introduced new ones. Moza was excited at his advancement in his training, and was glad to be a Padawan to such a respected Master. They trained a lot together, but Moza was still expected to train individually, for Master Alkorda could be off-world many weeks or even months at a time. However, when together, Moza showed great potential. Master Alkorda inspired Moza greatly, and Moza’s views of the future began to meld. Future events would meld them even further. For almost four years they trained and grew together. They hardly left Mon Calamari, but when they did, they had many adventures.

After only a couple of years of being on Mon Calamari, a structural damage caused a leak in the temples’ garden’s dome, and the glass collapsed, sinking the temple. Everyone was evacuated in time, and most of the information in the archives was saved. Only a small amount of provisions were lost. The Order moved back to Yavin IV and into the same temple from which they left on 260.25.

For another year and a half, Moza and Master Alkorda trained. Moza was progressing well, and was learning many things. One of the lessons Master Alkorda taught Moza, and maybe the most important, was what it truly meant to be a Jedi. Master Alkorda cut Moza’s connection from the Force, and took his lightsaber. It did not take but days for Moza to truly understand the lesson, and thus, learn from it. On the same day of restoring his connection to the Force, Master Alkorda announced that he was leaving the Order and returning to Lehon. He gave Moza his lightsaber named “Truth”, and was off. Moza was speechless, and even depressed several days, before realizing that it would be a mistake to have such emotions, especially at the point he was at in his training.

After about a year of his Master’s absence, Master Alkorda returned and requested a meeting with the council. Soon after, Moza was reassigned under Gabe Alkorda’s tutelage. Today, they continue to train intensely. The pair has worked on many things including telekinesis, new lightsaber forms, and much more. Moza and Master Alkorda have also had many trips and assignments since Master Alkorda’s return, most of them successful.

Over the course of the next few years, Moza’s training would continue, almost nonstop. He still studied a variety of topics, meditations, and other various subjects. It wasn’t until his last few years as a Padawan that he was forced to put all of his training into one true test. During the years of Moza’s training, Master Alkorda and Moza (on occasion) had been tracking a bounty hunter named Rawas Armaya. Over several months, and even years, they encountered the bounty hunter a few times. During one of the encounters, both Master Alkorda and Moza realized that Armaya had connections to the Mandalorians. Master Alkorda took Moza to Mandalore, and there Moza met the Mandalore her self. They were able to get the coordinates of Armaya’s base of operations on Tatooine, so a few months later, the pair set off to the dusty planet.

Upon arrival, their ship was damaged, stranding the two in the city of Mos Eisley. There, they were faced with many challenges over the course of about a year. Adventures, encounters, problems, and a lot of many factors influenced their prolonged visit. Moza was faced with very tough opponents, challenges, and adventures including repairing a ship, podracing, troubles with the law enforcement, and encounters with Armaya himself. Eventually, at the end of the “mission”, Master Alkorda was captured when him and Moza were investigating a crash site on their way to Armaya’s encampment. Moza, who had to now travel by himself, found the base, but was captured. After a long and tedious duel with Rawas’s brother, Moza bested the ex-Mandalorian, and was able to obtain information about Rawas’s location. Eventually, Moza was able to find the bounty hunter, and Master Alkorda was gravely weakened. Eventually, a battle commenced ending in the death of all of Rawas’s guards and himself. Moza and Master Alkorda were injured, but both were able to make it to a shuttle, and return to the Jedi Temple on Yavin IV.

Upon their return, Moza spent the next few months recuperating and resting. He had to adjust himself back to life at the temple. He continued to train hard with Master Alkorda and attend classes around the temple. It was on 268.08 that Moza’s training as a Padawan Learner was completed and he was granted the title of Jedi Knight.

Now, Moza serves the Order by guiding and teaching at the Jedi Temple, focuses on personal training, and plans to eventually take a student of his own.