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Motoko Isawa

Motoko Isawa
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Awell IV

Mentor(s): Alehk Thol

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Isane Fenris, Duncan Therin, Kira Alde


Motoko was born on Awell IV. Characterized as relatively small farming frontier world, her father works for a small vehicle maintinence shop and her mother runs a small kitchen that served mostly local workers from the fields and small factories. Mo spent most of her short childhood at home helping with small chores in the kitchen. She has an older brother and a younger sister.
Her abilities first manifested themselves when she accidentally read the emotions of her mother when she was serving a regular customer that she was secretly having an affair with. At dinner that night, she innocently asked who he was and why she liked him so much. Horrified, her mother tried to figure out what was “wrong” with her daughter to make her believe such crazy things. After some psychological counseling that obviously proved inconclusive, it was suggested she might have the gift of the force. She was screened for Force sensitivity on Coruscant, and her mother was only too happy to see her taken far away. She didn’t even have much of a chance to say goodbye to her family.
She still has no idea what she did, how she did it, or what she felt actually meant. It was only the strong bond between mother and child that allowed her to even know what her mother’s emotions were, but she was unable to completely interpret them.
She does not know what Jedi are, other than small euphimsims other people would use, and those depictions in simple stories and gross oversimplifications of galactic history. Her official schooling wouldn’t begin covering the subject for a few more years. Early schooling on Awell focuses more on practical and useful skills to help the colony.