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Morgan Voss


Homeworld: Savareen

Species: Savarian


Not all families are intended, and not all members want to be there. Kaleb Voss, grandfather of Morgan Voss, knew this perhaps a little better than most. Borne a member of the nomadic tribe of the Vahla, he grew disillusioned as a young man and left his tribe behind. Determined to forge a new life of his own, Kaleb eventually found himself with a steady job as a hyperspace transport captain. This career carried him far, and allowed him to eventually start a family.

Kaleb and his wife Tannis, an Omwati from a trade-focused background similar to Kaleb, had a son whom they named after Kaleb’s godfather, Aron Vindis. Aron would prove to be his father’s son, as he too went through a period of teenage rebellion. In his early twenties, Aron would leave his family’s business and in time found himself in the far reaches of the galaxy on the planet Savareen. There Aron would go on to find work with less than reputable employers. Debts add up, and one day Aron found himself being forced to face reality.

Having only heard from his son sporadically over the last handful of years, Kaleb was cautiously optimistic when he saw his son’s name come up on the comms of his ship one day. Aron told his father of his troubles, repenting of his sins, and asked his father to come to Savareen to help bail him out. Kaleb was a loving man, and so he and his wife set course for the distant land.

Upon arrival, however, they were greeted by more than they expected. Shortly after Aron was reunited with his parents, some men came to collect on Aron’s debt. Given the less than legal nature of it all, a firefight broke out between the men and the local authorities. Over just as quickly as it had begun, the fight resulted unfortunately in the death of both Tannis and Aron. Heartbroken, Kaleb returned to his ship and wept.

Before leaving Savareen, however, Kaleb made his way to his son’s home, a small hut in one of the local worker villages. There he discovered what Aron had failed to tell him: Aron had a son, named Morgan, who at the time was just shy of five years old. Accepting Morgan’s claim that he lived only with his father, Kaleb decided the boy should come with him and leave this (in his opinion cursed) planet. So began the twilight of Kaleb’s life.

A few years later, Kaleb had begun taking on smaller transport jobs that would allow him to spend more time with his grandson as well as to see parts of the galaxy that were a little more off the beaten path of the established hyperspace routes. It was this trajectory that would bring Kaleb back to the Arkanis sector, where he had not been since his wife’s death. Tasked with taking a shipment from Arkanis proper to the Rannon system, Kaleb arrived at the Kenzie spaceport with his grandson in the year 390.

It’s not completely clear what happened next. Based on official records, Morgan was left on his grandfather’s docked ship at the spaceport, and Kaleb was soon found at the nearby Jedi Praxeum. His memory had vanished, theorized by the Jedi’s medical droid to have been caused by blunt trauma to the head. Having forgotten his purpose and his grandson, Kaleb would stay at the Praxeum for a couple of weeks while his health was monitored.

Meanwhile, the Kenzie Security Force was alerted to the unaccompanied state of Morgan when the boy was found wandering the spaceport looking for food. Morgan was assigned a case worker and the KSF worked to track down Kaleb.

After being contacted by the Jedi in regards to a “Morgan”, there was a mixup at the KSF office and Morgan’s case worker was instructed that his grandfather had been found at the nearby Praxeum and that Morgan should be sent there. What the Jedi had intended to convey, however, was that “Morgan” (in reality Kaleb) was going to be sent back to the city, away from the Praxeum. Unfortunately, Morgan arrived just a day after Kaleb had left.

And so, at the age of eight, Morgan found himself among the Jedi. There he was taken in by them as he waited to hear from his grandfather. This event never came to pass, however, as by the time Kaleb arrived back at the Kenzie spaceport his condition had severely worsened and he was placed in a hospital where he would die only hours later.

A tragic tale, but perhaps one with a silver lining, as were it not for this series of events, Morgan Voss almost assuredly would not have found himself among the Jedi of Rannon. This path will undoubtedly prove to be interesting for the young boy, as it is now his turn to begin to make a life of his own.