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Mohindrah Maitri

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Alpheridies

Mentor(s): Master Alkorin

Species: Miraluka


In a remote community on Alpheridies, Mohindrah was raised by his parents who were heavily involved in the daily workings of their colony. The entire colony belonged to a minor denomination and adhered to a strict set of beliefs that were often dismissed as radical by the masses on the Miraluka home world. Mohindrah’s mother, Vishranda, was one of the leading spiritual figures in the colony and regularly conducted the religious services of the congregation. His father, named Mahabad, was a labourer and was very popular among the other local farmers.

The strict beliefs of his parents rendered Mohindrah powerless and he grew to feel very confined by the traditions of his community. Whenever Mohindrah resisted the authority of the religious leaders, the harsh punishments that he received, that were sometimes violent in nature, were not always limited to just his parents. The abuse and oppression opened Mohindrah to search for alternatives.

At the age of eight, Mohindrah had learnt he had an Uncle, called Tashunka, who was exiled from the community many years ago. After learning his address, Mohindrah packed his bags and walked for an entire day to reach his salvation. On the front doorstep, the weary old man greeted his Nephew with a look of confusion. Mohindrah explained the relation and pleaded for his uncle’s help. Reluctantly, the evidently ill man let the boy inside. Tashunka was well past his prime and had struggled to look after Mohindrah, but could not in good conscience send him back to the community that once cast hid aside as well.

Mohindrah’s Uncle loved to tell stories. He spoke of the tragedies he experienced when he was once among the community of fundamentalists, much of which Mohindrah could easily relate. Additionally, Tashunka spoke extensively of his son, Kantha Maitri, who he had not seen for years after giving him up to the Jedi Order. The Order captured Mohindrah’s interest and he began to ask many questions about Kantha and the Jedi.

After two years, it was clear to both Mohindrah and his uncle that he could not stay there forever. Tashunka was old and did not enjoy much financial luxury in his retirement. They mutually agreed that Mohindrah would be better off following the footsteps of his cousin and seek out the Jedi Order.

Tashunka travelled to the Alpheridies capital city and spoke to the Miralukas at the Luka Sene. It was there Mohindrah received a Midi-chlorian count, so that the exact degree of his Force sensitivity could be assessed, despite being a species that was innately close with the Force. The Luke Sene utilized their resources and contacts to reach out to the Order, informing them they had a potential new recruit ready for pick up. Tashunka and Mohindrah exchanged a tearful final goodbye, Tashunka’s nephew offering his external gratitude. Mohindrah walked up the ramp of the shuttle and took his seat by the window. As the craft departed his home world, he waved down at his uncle. He would never see him again.

At the age of ten, Mohindrah was sent to the Ossus, where he was accepted for training. The semblance of the training halls were nothing like Mohindrah had ever seen. The quiet reverence of the temple was something he was accustomed to back home, but despite the foreign surroundings he quickly learnt that the place and the people were not something to fear. Unfortunately, he found it very difficult to relate to the other Initiates and many times he was not motivated to attend classes, preferring to find hiding spots and be alone. He was not shy, merely enjoyed the solitude and was unafraid of consequences. Since escaping the strict colony back home, Mohindrah felt a constant state of liberation and treated all forms of authority with scrutiny. He was resistant to ever revert back to his early childhood. On occassion, Mohindrah would face consequences for favouring alone time over training.

Despite enjoying his own company, Mohindrah was an accomplished Initiate and was picked up by a Jedi Knight, Master Alkorin, for training when he was fourteen, after four years as a student. Master Alkorin and Mohindrah had an average and clinical relationship, meeting strictly for training purposes and learning very little about each other on a personal level. Mohindrah heard rumours of previously failed Padawans of Master Alkorin, but never received any details or confirmation of these reports.